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SNMP Informant-Standard allows you to access data from the "Core Four" performance counters (logical disk, processor, memory and network interface), and allows you to begin monitoring them on any Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003 system you want.  As a bonus, we even threw in support for Object\Processes and Object\Threads!  Click the button below for a tree listing that shows all the counters (objects and instances) you can access using SNMP Informant-Std.

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SNMP Informant-MBM is an extension to the immensely popular Motherboard Monitor (MBM) tool written be Alex Van Kaam from

You can download MBM from here if the LiveWireDev site does not work.

SNMP Informant-MBM makes data collected by MBM accessible using standard SNMP GETs.  This means that now it is possible to use standard SNMP Network Management tools (i.e. MRTG, Whatsup Gold, etc.) to get low-level operative information on over 1100 motherboard types across 85 brand names.

SNMP Informant-MBM accepts a remote SNMP GET command (containing specific OID for the MBM statistic desired), gets the data from MBM, reformats the data back into an SNMP packet, and returns the value to the requesting system.

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What can SNMP-Informant-MBM monitor?

Using the MIBs provided with SNMP Informant-MBM, you can target and collect values from all the sensors detected by MBM.  This includes CPU and chassis fan speed, temperature probes and core voltage levels.  The GetIf image below shows an example of sensors (i.e. Case and CPU temperature) extracted from Motherboard Monitor (v5.3.7.0) by Informant-MBM:

The next GetIf image (below) shows an example of the above sensors' Integer values (in this case 44 and 59 degrees C) as extracted by Informant-MBM:

If you have more sensors, you can also extract them from SNMP Informant-MBM as well!

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