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  Free SNMP Tools

At Informant Systems, we know that an SNMP agent is only as good as your ability to use it.  That is why we have provided links to some excellent tools that work well with SNMP Informant.  Fill your toolbox, and be the envy of your friends!


GetIf SNMP MIB Browser/Network Utility

In order to effectively use any SNMP agent, a method to "browse" that agents' OID structure is essential.  If you knew the agents' metrics and corresponding OID string by heart, you could perform a directed SNMP GET or GETNEXT, and collect the information you needed.  Not too many people can (or want) to do that, and that's where GetIf comes in.  Informant Systems has been authorized by the GetIf developer to distribute the program, and also makes available a 7MB download, containing many MIBS that GetIf will compile, including RFC, and vendor specific MIBs (too many to list here!).  Click here to find out more about GetIf.

Check out webGetIf!  SNMPv2 and v3 support, web-based, RRDTool graphing and more!

SNMP Traffic Grapher - Stand-alone SNMP Graphing Utility

STG is a program that allows you to track up to 2 SNMP OIDs in real time.  Target an SNMP device, plug in an the OIDs, and immediately begin tracking SNMP metrics at whatever increment you want.  Informant Systems provides STG in a convenient download with preconfigured "STG" files to monitor Windows metrics using SNMP Informant.  Click here to find out more about STG.

Trap Receiver - Network Computing Technologies

This is in our opinion, one of the nicest Win32 GUI-based trap receiver programs available, and it is 100% free.  You can specify many actions to take upon receiving a trap, including exploding (forward to other destinations), logging, program "kick-start" and of course sending SMTP messages.  You can extract trap variables, and import them into command lines and environment variables, making Trap Receiver quite flexible.  Please try it.  You will find it as a great way to manage and action incoming SNMP traps, even if you don't have a full fledged SNMP NMS.  Get it here.

Trap Generator - Network Computing Technologies

Also from NCT, this Win32 command line program allows you to send traps.  Use it in conjunction with MRTG (call it from a batch file, or spawn a system process from PERL) and you can easily make:

  • MRTG generate an SNMP trap upon a threshold breach.  Include information about the system polled by MRTG inside the trap data stream (system name, low disk/memory space, high CPU/NIC usage, etc.).

Then, using Trap Receiver (above), you can:

  • Process that trap (on another system, or on the MRTG system itself) and generate log files, forward the trap to another system and/or send email alert messages.

Trap Generator and Trap Receiver are both available from the Free Software link on the Network Computing Technologies web site.  Network Computing Technologies also provides SNMP development expertise.  If you have some custom SNMP work you'd like to have done, call them for a quote.

SNM - System and Network Monitor

This is an easy to implement web-based, RRDTool front-end.  We use it to monitor internal systems.  It's easy to set up and use.  Find out more at  Pre-requisites include PERL and IIS.  Oh Yeah, and IT'S FREE! (please consider donating)

These tools, along with SNMP Informant form a powerful SNMP Tool Kit that can help you track performance and network problems.  No Network Administrator should be without them!

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