GetIf SNMP MIB Browser/Network Utility

GetIf is a free Windows SNMP MIB Browser and Network Utility.  With it, you can load SNMP (version 1) compliant MIBS (SNMP Informant comes with both SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 compliant MIBS), and browse the objects contained within.

GetIf also includes a great real-time "add to graph" feature allowing you to track SNMP objects over short time periods.  For example, you might want to watch real-time processor utilization in order to determine a runaway process.

With the developers' permission, you can download the GetIf MIB Browser here.  Install it, and copy the SNMP Informant (SMIv1) MIBs into the GetIf/mibs subdirectory.  Delete the .index file in that directory and (re)start GetIf.  You now have an extremely useful network diagnostic tool, and a method to collect data from SNMP Informant and other SNMPv1 compliant devices.

Click here to download GetIf 2.3.1.

Click here to download the Informant Sstems GetIf MIB collection (7+MB, 620 MIBs)

Click here to download an updated Vendors.txt file (6450 names) for GetIf

If you need more information on GetIf, see the GetIf page at SNMP for the Public Community!


Check out webGetIf!  SNMPv2 and v3 support, web-based, RRDTool graphing and more!


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