STG - SNMP Traffic Grapher

STG was developed a few years ago by Leonid Mikhailov.  While it was primarily developed for making an SNMP connection to, and monitoring input and output traffic on a router, STG can be adapted to connect to almost any SNMP OID and track other metrics.

At Informant Systems, we use STG to monitor SNMP Informant OIDs and track critical Windows resources in real time.  This is excellent for "on-the spot" performance analysis.  The graphs you see in the screenshot below use SNMP Informant-Advanced OIDs to collect the data.  It is suggested that a tool such as GetIf be used to determine the OIDs that will be used.

In the example, only 6 charts are running, but the download comes with STG config files for 9, and more can easily be created.  They are started from a batch file like so:

@echo off
echo Starting STG collection charts...

start stg cpu_priv-blue_cpu_user-green.stg

rem uses MIB-II/Interfaces/IfInOctets and IFOutOctets
start stg nic1_green-in_blue-out.stg

start stg disk_c_free-1000k=1GB.stg
start stg disk_d_free-1000k=1GB.stg

start stg memory_free-green_commit-blue.stg
start stg memory-page_faults_sec.stg

start stg threads_green-processes_blue.stg
start stg processor_queue_length.stg

start stg DiskReadPct-blue_DiskWritePct-green.stg


(obviously, you replace STGConfigFileName with the correct values!  The download (WTCS-STG.ZIP) comes complete with a batch file (STGStart.bat) that you can edit to your requirements.

In the STG setup screen, you simply enter the target device parameters as descried below:

STG Settings:

Target Address:
The IP address of the device you want to monitor

Community: Straight forward.  Enter the target community name here

Green OID:  The OID that will be used to draw the green chart line

Blue OID:  The OID that will be used to draw the blue chart line

Request Timeout: How long STG will try to connect to the target device before timing out (3000 = 3 seconds)

Update Period:  How often STG will update the graph

Max Rate: Similar to MRTG's MaxBytes option.  Set the maximum Byte value here.  Example shoes 28000 for 28GB hard drive size

Log File Parameters: If you want, you can specify a log file to be created with the data collected by STG.  You can also specify how often to rotate the files.


Informant Systems has put together for you a download of STG with a collection of STG configuration files (.stg) which will create the graphs you see in the screenshot and more.  It should give you a good starting point for using the tool effectively.  Remember, once you load SNMP Informant-Advanced, you can start using STG to monitor almost any SNMP Object.  Just use GetIf to identify them, and then STG to target and graph them.

Click here to download the WTCS STG Collection.  You will find that STG, along with GetIf and SNMP Informant will add that much more power to your management tool kit.

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