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I have to put together a page that contains links to some programs and sites that I think are particularly worthy of a good hard look.  Most of the software is free, some are shareware and some are commercial (hey! People gotta eat!), but all will make your life easier.  Most of the tools I have tried myself, or at the very least have actually read about what they are or what they do.  I hope you find them as helpful as I have. Click on the image or the hyperlink to jump to that product's home site!

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MRTG (The Multi Router Traffic Grapher) - is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links.  MRTG generates HTML pages containing PNG images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. Check out my Windows NT SNMP/Performance Counter Statistics Page for an example.  MRTG is based on Perl and C and works under *NIX and Windows NT. - *NIX/NT

SICM - Simple Infrastructure Capacity Monitor

SICM is an open-source tool intended to be an easy-to-use template based MRTG-like capacity monitoring tool (using Tobi Oetiker's RRD tool).  It provides a template based ping & snmp front-end to RRDtool that is easy to implement & support, is flexible & provides a Web based menu presentation of the output.

Paul Simmonson's Windows 2000 Perfmon to MRTG Page


If you would like to take advantage of MRTG to monitor remote performance counters, and either do not want to , or are unable to use SNMP, then you owe it to yourself to check out Paul Simmonson's web page, where he has outlined how you can use the Windows NT/2000 Performance Monitor tool to do just that.

The idea is that you monitor remote systems, and dump the data to a CSV file, process that file, and feed the results to MRTG using a helper script.

(all of this without SNMP!  Cool huh?)

Check out his web site at

MBM2MRTG - Motherboard Monitoring with MRTG - This is a site dedicated to the use of MRTG to monitor motherboard CPU speed, temperature, etc.  I tripped on it in my travels, and although I later found it listed in the MRTG companion sites (Doh!  Thought I found a gem!) I thought I would add it here.

Matt Petach MRTG Helpers - is a Web Page with some MRTG "Helper" PERL scripts!

Using Interface Descriptors with MRTG - will help you with those nasty Cisco boxes.   Not sure if you need it with the newer versions of MRTG (It was written to support earlier versions), but I know that there are still a few people out there with older versions of MRTG!

Peter W. Osel MRTG Add-ons -  This guy has whipped together a number of MRTG support scripts; the most "famous" might be the MRTG PING Probe.  Check out his web site to see for yourself!

MRTG Totalizer - Josef Wendel has put together a PERL script to sum up the traffic of any MRTG monitored device.  It uses the GD library, and creates GREAT graphs!  Check out an example of Daily Totals or Monthly Totals.  Cool huh!

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The Getif Network Utilities

GetIf - Probably the best (free) Win32 SNMP MIB browser/network utility.  It can help you to query SNMP devices such as routers, switches and servers.  It has a built in MIB browser, TCP/IP port scanner, PINGer,  TraceRoute, IP Address scanner, DNS Lookup and real time SNMP grapher.  Wonderful program! - NT

Note: Philippe has kindly let me distribute Getif from my web site.  Thanks Philippe!

iREASONING Mib Browser - A Java-based SNMP v1/v2c/3 MIB browser with support for SMIv1 and SMIv2 MIBs.  Excellent quality, easy to use.  Very much worth a look for those who find Getif's lack of SNMPv2 support a bit frustrating.

Pros: Search function (nice!), raw data output (you can cut and paste results of Gets, etc.), built in log with Trap Receiver and  communications between agent and manager, pleasing GUI

Cons: Large memory footprint (34MB), a little slow (Java), description field does not wrap.


Network Computing Technologies

Network Computing Technologies - These guys are network management consultants, and are the developers of some GREAT SNMP management software, including Trap Receiver (the best I've seen!) for Windows, Trap Generator (for NT and Solaris), Thingy (an SNMP MIB monitor), and an SNMP v1 C++ packet library. Recent additions include a (windows NT) Service to Trap generator, and a (Windows NT) Event Log to trap generator. - UNIX/NT

SNMP Traffic Grapher

Leonid Mikhailov - STG or SNMP Traffic Grapher allows up to 2 OIDs to be tracked in real time!   it was written as an add-on to MRTG, and has a distinct MRTG (rateup) look to it.   Although his web site is gone, you can get it either here on SNMP4tPC or here, where an unofficial STG web site has been set up to hhelp distribute this little beauty!  You may need to download mgmtapi.dll (If you use NT 4.0), and you can get it here.  It also needs MIB.BIN, but you will have it as part of SNMP4NTor SNMP4W2K.  If you are using Windows 9X, you will need some extra files.  Get them here! - Win9x/NT/2000

SNMPView by Lutz Schulze - This program is kind of similar to STG (above), but allows the monitoring of multiple devices, and does not provide the graphic interface.  It does however provide visual notification of SNMP threshold level breaches.  You modify configuration files (text-based) to set it up, so it is perhaps not as user-friendly to set up, but not too hard to figure out, either.  If you don't read German (like me), pop over to AltaVista's Bablefish, and enter the website address (, then select German to English (or whatever), and away you go!  - Win9x/NT/2000


SNMP4CTX - No, I did not have anything to do with this one!  Alexandre LeClere put this MS extension agent together, to allow Citrix WinFrame, MetaFrame, and MetaFrame XP statistics to be collected using SNMP.  You can get more information here.

SNMPDLLVIEW - This little gem lets you select a DLL file, and see what Object IDs it supports.  Nice huh?  I have only tested it with MS DLLs.

MIBTABLE - MibTable.exe is an SNMP SDK sample that contains EnumMibTable, which is itself a little tool that can enumerate rows inside an MIB table, given its MIB oid and number of columns.  From Microsoft.


These products (sgMibSpy and sgMoSpy) by Stefan G. R. Finzel are TCL/Scotty-based SNMP management tools, allow MIB browsing and management respectively.  Definitely worth a look-see and just might give you a reason to install TCL and Scotty.

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SNMP++ Project

Win32 Command line SNMP WALK/GET/GETNEXT/SET/BULK/TRAP utilities.  Great Stuff!   Free!  The SNMP++ Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol (v1/v2/v3) using Object Orientation and C++.   If the link is broken, you can also get them here.

Net-SNMP - Provides tools and libraries relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol including: An extensible agent, An SNMP library, tools to request or set information from SNMP agents, tools to generate and handle SNMP traps, etc.

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DTrend - (Device Trending) vbscript/Visual Basic replacement for MRTG using the RRDTool product for collection of statistical data.  Uses WMI, and SNMP4NT/W2K to collect data.

Big Brother

big brother - Another free, SNMP aware network monitoring system that generates HTML output, runs on Unix and Linux, and has native Windows NT and NetWare clients.  A complete list of features is here. - UNIX/NT

mon - service monitor daemon

mon - is a general-purpose resource monitoring system, which can be used to monitor network service availability, server problems, environmental conditions such as the temperature in a room, or any number of things.  UNIX


CHEOPS - is an open source Network Management system for Linux.  Looks pretty good!  Keep an eye on this one.  He's got a pretty good sponsor in Adtran.  Oh yeah!  It's FREE! - UNIX

GxSNMP - is a project to develope a full-featured SNMP Network Management application using the GNOME project.

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UltraJones - IP UltraScan 1.5.25 and IP UltraMon 2, build 15  are two excellent (free) programs.   IP Ultra Scan is a TCP/IP scanner, and IP Ultra Monitor is an IP port monitor. - NT

 Pinger v2.3

Pinger - Written by Gus Estrella, and currently (last version?) in version 2.3, this program runs on windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95, and allows the user to configure a list of IP systems that the program will ping at a user specified interval.  If a system is down, the program notifies the operator.  Once a system comes back on-line, Pinger logs that time too.  It can generate SYSTEM STATUS and SYSTEM HISTORY Web Pages. - NT

Big Brother

Big Brother - One of the BEST PING Monitors around.  Runs commands when PINGed device goes down and up.  I use it myself to monitor customer sites from my home.  It starts a command line page using SPager (above) and "poof!"  I know my customer's site is down before they do! Cool! - NT

Vonskie Ping - This is much more than a Ping Tool.  It includes Visual Ping, Visual Trace Route, Whois lookup,  DNS lookup, TFTP client and Finger and IP calculator.  Seriously, for a "right now" visual representation of Ping or Tracert response, it would be hard to do better than this!  Also, check out all his free utilities, in particular the EventSeeker tool, which allows you to research Event Log Messages a little easier. - NT

IP Port SPY - This is a nifty little program that will watch an IP or UDP port and display the data in a window, like so!

ipspymain.gif (7843 bytes)

Good for watching for SNMP traffic huh?  Check it out!   Click here to get the home page (full screen) - NT

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NOTE: Some Anti-virus packages may falsely report viruses in some of these tools, due to their ability to cause crippling performance and other damage to the hosts and networks they run against.  Because of this, some Antivirus software (i.e. Grisoft AVG Antivirus) may identify these tools as being Denial of Service (DoS) agents.**

Foundstone Utilities - An excellent collection of analysis and diagnostic tools highlighting TCP and UDP.  Note that (at least) the UDPFlood utility (good tool) is subject to the false virus alert. 

Berbach Utilities - Two GREAT tools to test TCP and UDP communications!  You can set up the Socket Simulator to "listen" on either a TCP or UDP port, and then send it a message.  I use the UDP Generator in conjunction with Socket Simulator to test UDP (i.e. SNMP and Syslog) messages.

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Iperf - Iperf is a tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth, reminiscent of ttcp and nettest. It has been written to overcome the shortcomings of those aging tools.

qcheck.gif (38677 bytes)

Qcheck - the new network troubleshooting utility from NetIQ (who recently purchased Ganymede Software).  Response time, throughput test, streaming test...  These are some of the tests you can do with Qcheck.  Add the appropriate "end-point" (endpoints receive instructions from the Qcheck console, conduct the appropriate test, and send results back to the Qcheck console) and you can run tests against different platforms (Microsoft's Windows 3.1, 95/98, NT/2000, and NT for Alpha; Sun's Solaris for x86 and SPARC platforms; Linux for x86 and MIPS platforms; IBM's AIX, MVS, and OS/2; Novell NetWare; SCO UnixWare; SGI IRIX; Compaq Tru64Unix).  Check it out.  For FREE, it is a real bargain! - NT

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Ethereal is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It allows you to examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse the capture data, viewing summary and detail information for each packet. Ethereal has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the ASCII contents of a TCP connection. - UNIX/NT

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Loriot - One Free GUI SNMP Node Manager

LoriotPro - This is a very comprehensive SNMP management product.  Based on the free Loriot version, it has seen many improvements.  It has a host of features, including web console, SNMP v1, v2, and v3 support, a MIB compiler/browser (quite good), support for plug-ins, and an SDK to develop your own plug-ins. - NT


Lanware - Network Monitoring Suite

Network Monitoring Suite - Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite (commercial) Windows NT based network management programs.   It consists of three main parts, the NT Manage Console (with network discovery, automatic map generation (with customizable icons), sophisticated VB-Scripting (using the Cypress Enable Scripting Agent), as well as native Windows NT service monitoring.   The Event Log Monitor uses intelligent push technology (minimizes the process requirements of passive scanning) and uses a MS Access database as its central repository.   WebSight updates an IIS Web Server with the results of the scanning processes, allowing you to get instant network status from anywhere with web access.   It is cost-effective ($3000.00 (USD) for unlmited nodes.  If I sound a bit biased, I am.  I have used it since version 1.0 and it keeps getting better.  I have written some cool VBScripts for using SNMP to monitor systems (they don't have to be NT), and send alerts, traps and emails on threshold breaches.  Check out their web site for more information! - NT

WebNM by Somix technologies

WebNM by Somix Technologies - These guys have taken a novel approach ... Why reinvent the wheel?  Using Public Domain programs and third party tools, they have put together a web-based Network Managment system that includes Appache Web Server, VNC IP Remote Control, PERL, MRTG, an inventory control system, a trouble ticketing database, as well as IpSwitchs' WhatsUp Gold and Network Instruments' Observer   to provide a comprehensive set of Network Management tools.  DEFINITELY worth a look! - NT (perhaps partial Unix)

Max Network Management Suite

Max Network Management Suite - This looks to be pretty interesting.  A distributed, web and WAP based Network Management product from E1, which includes a combination of software and 24x7x365 monitoring service.  You can download the product for a free 30 day run.

SolarWinds - Free Network Management tools!

SolarWinds - is a software development company focusing on inexpensive and easy to use Network Management Tools for Microsoft Windows.   They have several free tools (Win32) available, including a DNS resolver, TFTP server, sub-net lister and config uploader for Cisco routers. - NT

RedPoint Network Systems

RedPoint Network Systems  - RedPoint Network Systems is a product development firm, specializing in network management and communications software.  They have an SNMP product line that interacts with SQL (via a specialized ODBC driver) allowing your SNMP gathered data to be accessed using standard SQL commands.  Quite Cool!

Network View - This is a really nice, budget priced network monitoring and documenting tool.  It has SNMP support too, and can be used to monitor systems, and run a program/send alert if it stops responding.  You can also configure it so that you can select a system, and right click it, and run a program (like start a web browser to an MRTG web page providing system stats?  Hmm!  Good idea!). And Hey!  It fits on a floppy!  Wow!

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Compaq Networking Management Software

Compaq Network Management Software - This is a (from what I can see) Compaq's attempt to capture a segment of the Network Management Market.  It appears to be free for the taking.  In fact on their Quick Specs Overview, they state "Tested extensively on Compaq platforms, but also for use on non-Compaq systems".  You can download the software here. - NT

Compaq Insight Manager XE - This is another Management product provided by Compaq.  While it ships on their Management CD (shipped with server products), the Insight Manager XE FAQ on Insight Manager XE, states that it is free (see below).  It may be that it is free if you already own Compaq systems.  If you find out, please let me know!

Q:   How much does Compaq Insight Manager XE cost?
A: Compaq Insight Manager XE is provided at no cost. Compaq believes that providing manageability as part of the base system is a fundamental requirement for all customers.

While it is obviously written to take advantage of the Insight Manager agents, it will support other (non Compaq) systems as well.

IMHO, looks like Insight Manager XE is a pretty cool product.  You be the judge.  You can download Insight Manager XE here.

3Com Transcend Network Supervisor

3Com Network Supervisor - 3Com says "This powerful yet easy-to-use software maps and monitors your network, quickly alerting you to emerging problems—plus, it's free and downloadable".  You can find the Product Information Page here.  It even supports Palm hand-held devices!  Doesn't THAT sound cool!  You can download the software here. It is a 60 day evaluation version, but you can register (free), and then it becomes an unlimited use copy. - NT

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NuDesign Team inc.

NuDesign Team Inc. - a consulting and software development company specializing in products and services in the network management arena.  They have developed SNMP ActiveX controls, a MIBuilder for visually creating MIBs and a MIBrowser as well.  I will be looking at their Visual MIB Browser at a closer level soon, and will post a review here! - NT

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InterWorking Labs - provides SilverCreek, the official SNMP Test Suite, to help test engineers find and fix bugs in their SNMP implementations.  Check out their web site for informative tips, resources, FAQ links, and to download a trial version of SilverCreek, available in Solaris, Windows or Linux versions!

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PERL (use as the base for MRTG)
Activeperl Home Page - ActiveState provides the ActivePerl binary packages free to the community as part of its support for Perl. Based on Perl 5.6, ActivePerl 5.6 is a significantly enhanced distribution as it encompasses the new features available in Perl 5.6. As well, the Windows package provides additional features to take advantage of that platform. Download Now.

SCOTTY - Scotty is the name of a software package which allows to implement site specific network management software using high-level, string-based APIs.
Scotty Home Page

TCL - Tcl (Tool Command Language) is used by over half a million developers worldwide and has become a critical component in thousands of corporations. It has a simple and programmable syntax and can be either used as a standalone application or embedded in application programs. Best of all, Tcl is open source so it's completely free.
TCL Home Page
TCL Getting Started Page
TCL Win32 Download Page

WINDOWS SCRIPTING COMPONENTS (SCRIPTING HOST/VBSCRIPT) - Microsoft® Windows® Script Components provide you with an easy way to create COM components using scripting languages such as Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft® JScript®. Use script components as COM components in applications such as Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft® Windows® Script Host, and any other application that can support COM components.
WSH Home Page

The CGI Resource Index - A good script repository - Free Programmers' Editors

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Hand Crafted Software

Hand Crafted Software - This one looks hot.  It's called System Monitor.  Currently at v2.70 beta.   It is a client server system (process) monitor that runs on Windows NT, AIX, OSF, Solaris and Linux.  Details are here, but in a nutshell, Server (process) agents send alerts back to the Monitor Client, which will send emails to you when an exception occurs.

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HealthMonitor - Healthmonitor is a free powerful monitoring tool for Windows.  It runs as a system service and (using WMI) allows you to monitor local services, disk space, CPU load, memory levels and event log messages.  It can generate SMTP alerts, creates log files, connects to a SQL database, and the alert frequency can be specified.  Click here for a screen-shot of the main configuration page.  It is cool!  Check it out!


netal - Develops and offers software for system and network management in Windows NT environments.   Some of his products are a Syslog server daemon (and command line/active-x, etc. client),  a System Scripting Host and a time synchronization utility.  The Syslog (trial-ware version) daemon can take many actions, including posting to an ODBC database!  Very Cool!

Event Log to Syslog Utility - The free tool from Perdue university allows you to forward Event Log messages to a syslog server (see link above).  From there, you could write to an access database, generate alerts, run executables (i.e. generate traps using TrapGen from Network Computing Technologies - also free), or take other actions. 

OCS Inventory - This is a great free client-server application that will help you keep track of your hardware and software inventory, sort of a poor-mans SMS.  Really!!    A small agent (about 376KB) runs on login, and sends hardware and software information (once a day) to a central server (at this time, an Access 97 database), and you can enter in license information (it comes with a comprehensive vendor database), and you will be informed of license count violations.  It even has a web front-end.   If VNC is loaded on the agent system (supports workstations and servers, and lets you know which is which), you can click on the Tools tab, and connect using the web client.  I should mention that the install might be a bit convoluted for some (it was for me), but still, I had it running in less than an hour, and was VERY impressed with what I saw.  It has both a Win32 GUI and an ASP Web Admin console (cannot be accessed simultaneously!).

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MAPISEND - is a 32 bit command line tool (free from Microsoft) that allows you to send a message to an Exchange Mailbox.  You could use to to send an email alert on threshold breach from within MRTG.

BLAT - is a Public Domain Windows 95/NT console utility that sends the contents of a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol. Blat is useful for creating scripts where mail has to be sent automatically (CGI, backups, etc.), or just as a quick way to send a file or message quickly from the command line. It will store relevant configuration details in the registry for ease of use. Optionally, blat can also attach multiple binary files to your message.

JGAA's wMailTo

wMailTo(tm) - is another handy 32 bit DOS program used to send email and news postings directly from the command line. It can be used interactively, or you can call it from other programs, DOS .bat files or PERL scripts.  Unlike many other email utilities, this is written in C++, and does not require VBRUN or any other crap in order to run. It is also extremely fast.


Spager95® - This software used to be retail, but was discontinued and is now free!  It consists of a Pager Server program and a command line pager Client.  You set up the server to allow certain IP addresses to connect to it, and voila!  A client-server TCP/IP Paging Utility!   I use it in conjunction with Big Brother (below) to notify me if IP hosts go down (or up).

File Related

ConTEXT - is a small, fast and powerful text editor, developed mainly to serve as secondary tool for software developers.  Excellent for MRTG config files, and vbscripts, PERL, etc.

bk_bback_01.gif (29116 bytes)

BK Replacem - is an extremely useful tool for those who need to change text in many files simutaneously!  I use it to make modifications (i.e. change IP addresses) in hundreds of MRTG config files.  Really!  Once you use it, you will wonder why you used to do it manually!  Do yourself a favour!

File Transfer


PumpKin - A really GREAT TFTP Client/Server.  You can use it to FTP to a router (CISCO for example) to configfure it.  It also works well to transfer a file while you are busy doing something else!

Remote Control

Virtual Network Computing - It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures.   TCP/IP Remote Control Software.  WAY COOL!  You can access systems over the Internet and it is not too slow to be useful!!  All versions here are based on the original open source, and are compatible.


Tight VNC
My personal favorite.  Better security and compression.

The Original VNC
The original (still kept current!)

Tridia VNC (Pro version also available)
Alternative.  They also offer a Pro version!


NT 4.0 Resource Kit Support Tools - is a free download from Microsoft that includes additional tools from the full (non-free) version.  It includes SNMPUTILG.EXE, a graphical version of SNMPUTIL.EXE (getif is still a better tool in my humble opinion).

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Object Identifiers Registry - Just what it says it is.  You can browse the OIDs from .1 if you want, although I usually start from the . (Internet) branch.  As Private Enterprise numbers are assigned by IANA, they are added here.

mibDepot - This online SNMP MIB Search Engine lets you search quickly for any MIB object or SNMP trap.  Site includes MIBs from many vendors such as Cisco Systems, 3com, and Nortel Networks.


SNMPLINK.ORG - This is one of the cleanest and well organized web sites I have seen.  Very comprehensive, and contains alot of links to RFC information and software, etc.  Definitely a must see!


SNMPWORLD.COM - This is a great place to go looking for SNMP related information.  With links to free and commercial software, resources, and other information, you should check it out!

Network Management Operations (NMOP.ORG) - Sponsored by RiverSTONE Networks, this site's mission is to "provide standards based networking tools for Service Providers using the Open Source model."  Check it out!  It has several links that will be of interest to those using Riverstone products, as well as some informative links to SNMP information in general. - The world's portal for thin client computing solutions. Here you will find Tips, Frequently Asked Questions, Forums, the Thin List Archives, Useful Downloads, and links to the hottest sites on the web for thin computing. is also the home to the Windows2000 listserv.  Check out their Downloads/Freeware section!

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FreeWare Home

FreeWare Home - This is without a doubt, one of my favorite sites.  Even if they don't have what you are looking for, you can use it as a launching point.


CompletelyFreeSoftware - Another great site, specializing in free software!


FreeDom - Yet another great freeware site!!


Freeware Files - Still another great freeware site!!

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Expression Networks

Expression Networks - Expression Networks is a leader in providing E-Business solutions, high-performance, secure, cost-effective and reliable Internet Protocol based network services for the small/medium, enterprise and consumer markets.  They host this Web.   Please check them out and see what they have to offer.

CJB Internet Services

CJB Internet Services - This is some cool!   Use this service to assign an easier to remember URL...
(mine is to your ISP assigned URL...
(mine is    Which would you rather have?  They also have other services such as chat room and discussion forums!  Check them out!

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RCC College of Technology

RCC College of Technology - Based in Vaughan, Ontario Canada, RCC makes these tutorials freely available on the Internet.   Check them out!

FreeEd - Free education on the Internet!  Another GREAT source for free online training!  And not just computer-related stuff either.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve your knowledge, you owe it to yourself to check this out right away!  These are not tutorials.  These are REAL, ONLINE COURSES!

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