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What is Active-X?

How Does it Work?

Sample Scripts

Well, It is late, and I am tired.  So here goes.  If you like the looks of the Active-X stats on the MRTG Live Stats Page, you can collect them yourself using my scripts.  They are all based on a custom Active-X DLL called PERFCOUNT.DLL, written by Eitan Michaelson.  I have known about it for over a year, but only recently got into it after having gotten more and more into WSH and WMI.

To begin, you need to follow these steps

1) Download the PERFCOUNT.DLL.  Get it here.  I created a small install batch that will copy it to the system32 directory and register it.  Once done, it's done!

2) Download and install Windows Scripting Host 5.6.  Get it here.

3) Download and try out my scripts.
- ax_procstats.vbe - script to collect information about individual processes running on local or remote systems.  You can identify the processes on the system by using either Performance Monitor (Select Process) or by using Task Manager (use the names you see, but drop the .exe).
- ax_webstats.vbe - script to collect virtual web site traffic information from IIS 5.0 on local or remote systems.  Now with the functionality to support virtual web sites!!  The screenshot below might help you assess its usefulness!

- ax_dualcpu.vbe - script to collect dual CPU stats on local or remote systems.  This is much like PFDUAL, but supports remote systems!

You should download one of the config files from the Process or Web Service section of the MRTG Live Stats Page to see how you call the helper script.

It should be noted that:

1) You need to be using a fairly high-horsepower system.  My Celeron 500 is pretty darned slow (GOTTA get a faster processor!), but when tested on a PIII-500 all scripts cooked along pretty well.  Therefore, I would say that if possible, use these scripts on a PIII-500 or better!

2) You NEED to have admin privileges on systems you are targeting.  Pretty standard stuff, but worth mentioning.

3) These are CUSTOM helper scripts made for MRTG.  They provide the data in the format MRTG wants, including the system name and the uptime!

4) I have tried to keep the usage standard on these scripts.  From an OS prompt. type cscript //nologo ax_procstats.vbe (or whatever) and a usage screen will pop up.  WSH MUST be installed for them to work!  The PERFCOUNT.DLL MUST be installed for them to work!


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