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Interested in learning more about Networks, Network Management and SNMP?  Take a look at some of the material listed on this page.  I have used much of it myself, and figure it might not be such as bad idea to share it here.  If you need to get up to speed QUICK on SNMP and Network Management, I figure this is as good a place to start as any I have seen!  I have tried to include the author's name and email wherever possible.

If you are considering the purchase of a book, and see it listed here, please consider clicking to order from my web, since it will link to the resellers' affiliate program, and will help support SNMP4tPC.  


Tutorials and Web Sites

Simple Network Management Protocol
Andreas Steffen (web/email)

SNMP - 1
Olson Alexander (email)

SNMP - 2 
Yoram Cohen (email)

Understanding SNMP Counters
Michael R. MacFaden - Riverstone Networks

Lessons about SNMP
ENIC and ET (info)

Abstract Syntax Notation #1 (ASN.1) and Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
Andreas Steffen (web/email)

SNMP Tutorials
DPS Telecom (web)

SNMP and CMIP - An introduction to Network Management
Tyler Vallillee (web/email)

Lessons about TCP/IP
ENIC and ET (info)

TCP/IP Tutorial

White Papers

Connection-less Transport: UDP
Jim Kurose (web/email)

Connection Oriented Transport: TCP
Jim Kurose (web/email)

Characteristics of UDP Packet Loss: Effect of TCP Traffic
Hidenari Sawashima (email)
Yoshiaki Hori (email)
Hideki Sunahara (email)


SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
Chris Francois (email)  PowerPoint Source: click here    

The SNMP model
Scott Pepple (email)

Network Management
Jeffrey P. Lanza (email)

Vendor Support Material

Windows 2000 SNMP MIB/DLL/Object IDs Types
Microsoft Corporation

Network Management for Microsoft Networks Using SNMP
Microsoft/New Riders Press


Internetworking Technologies
Cisco Systems

SNMP Overview
Cisco UniverCD.

Simple Network Management Protocol v2
Cisco Systems

An Introduction to SNMP and AS/400
IBM RedBooks.

Systems Management Guide: Communications and Networks (AIX5.x)
IBM RedBooks.

Keith's Cisco Reference Page
Keith Sinclair (email)


TCP/IP and SNMP Audio Presentation
Debbie Koren  (RAD Data Communications)


So... struggling to find information on TCP or IP Header information?  Look no further than your local T-Shirt!  Seriously!  I have this GREAT, (OK, nerdy) T-Shirt with TCP and IP Header information on it (UPSIDE DOWN for easy reading), and thought I would share it with you! (only worn once! ... before the spaghetti stains!)

TCP Header information

IP Header information


Understanding SNMP MIBs  Understanding SNMP MIBs by avid Perkins, Evan McGinnis

Building a MIB?  Looking for some good, easy to read information that will make this task alot easier?  Then check this book out!  It will save you a ton of time!


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