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You may have heard some things about Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and wondered what it was, or how it can provide you with performance information and let you remotely manage your network servers, routers, hubs, switches, etc., right?

Or... maybe you are trying to get SNMP working for either your Windows 95/98, NT/2000 or NetWare servers, but are getting frustrated by how close you seem to be, but you can't quite get it!

Maybe you are using MRTG to monitor your network, and would like to include servers and workstations instead of just network devices.

Well, my introduction to SNMP was because of an SNMP of a different kind called Some Nimrod Made Promises!!  I had to provide an infrastructure review for a large financial institution, had no historical performance data, and needed to get some - FAST!  SNMP (and MRTG) proved to be my ticket out of that mess, and helped me provide the customer with accurate information on router and system performance to support my recommendations.

Anyway, it was out of my frustration in finding any decent support (either from Microsoft or Novell) in this area that I decided to put my own web together.  Despite its acronym, SNMP is not exactly simple!   In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how much of a black art implementing and using SNMP seems to be.  For all it's ubiquity (almost all of the major vendors support SNMP), the information you need to get it installed and running properly just doesn't seem to be too easy to find.  My goal is to provide you with that information!!

With information you can get here, there is no reason that you can't soon be using SNMP to monitor critical server and network performance indicators from a variety of systems!

grnball.gif (995 bytes) This site will likely save you days of research and frustration!  For example, if you are looking to install SNMP and collect Windows NT performance statistics over the network using an SNMP Network Management Station (NMS), you can now accomplish it completely in less than an hour!!

If you were to start from scratch, you would have to purchase the NT Resource Kit, read about the MS SNMP implementation, figure out how perf2mib and mibcc works, modify the (rather sparse) sample they provide, and test, then retry, test, then retry, and so on and so on.  I know!  I've done it!

grnball.gif (995 bytes) Since June of 1999, this site has helped thousands of people successfully implement (and use) SNMP on the major MS platforms and Novell NetWare!

In addition to SNMP installation and implementation support, this site provides help for those who want to take SNMP one step farther and do something with it!  Not just that, but at minimal or no ca$h outlay!  No kidding!  It just takes time to set it up.  And hey!  You've got nothing but time, right?)  NOT!!


Check out MRTG!Check out MRTG!, the Check out MRTG!, is a freeware tool that supports the collection and display (in HTML pages) of SNMP statistics, thereby enabling you to monitor usage patterns over daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods.

Once you have SNMP properly installed and running, and MRTG happily collecting performance information, you can then build your own HTML-based Network Monitoring System.   Correctly configured, almost any device that supports SNMP can be monitored my MRTG.  Routers, hubs, switches, workstations, servers, UPSs' and more can all be accessed by MRTG.

This kind of information can be particularly handy should you find yourself in the position of justifying a LAN, WAN or system upgrade or need to diagnose a network bottleneck.  Ya just can't argue with cold, hard facts!

Sounds Cool, eh?   And wouldn't it be neat to do something like send an email message, page a technician or run a program if one of those statistics reached a threshold value?  Say, low disk space for example?  Or high network throughput?  Well you can do THAT too with MRTG using thresholds!

Here are just a few comments from people who have downloaded SNMP4NT and SNMP4NW.   I removed people's names to protect their privacy

You will also find useful links to free and commercial monitoring software, SNMP resources , troubleshooting tips, MIBS and more!  Check it out!


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This site is primarily focused on SNMP, and its implementation in Windows and NetWare environments.   

Thanks for dropping by!  If you were helped by the information I am providing here, or find an error in what I have to say, or have something to add, I would appreciate hearing from you (really!).   My goal is to try and make this Web a tool that can be used to implement SNMP, MRTG and system monitoring fast and efficiently. 

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redball.gif (995 bytes) Disclaimer: This site is my way of helping the Internet Community by providing information about SNMP, how it works and how to get it working.  While I endeavor to make sure that what you find here is accurate (I use almost everything you find here), I will accept no responsibility should anything happen to your system or environment as a result of information or programs collected from this site.



Please feel free to email me if you have a question or two.   I will do my best to answer.  I am not on the IETF, and I do not eat, drink and breathe SNMP, so there's lots of things I don't know about it, but Hey! Running this site helps me learn, too!


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