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3Com    APC    Ascend     Bay Networks/Nortel    Cabletron    Compaq    Cisco    Dell
Fore Systems/Marconi    HP    IBM    Intel    NetApp    Novell    RFC    Shiva    Wellfleet

Alternative MIB Sources
inoTech    The MotherLoad     Son of MotherLoad    Bucket O' MIBs!    MIB Heaven


3Com MIBs
Quick Configuration Manager -  provides graphical management for 3Com hubs and switches
Transcend Network Supervisor - Small Scale (but free!) network monitoring program

APC (American Power Corporation)

APC MIBS - FTP Site source
PowerNet MIBS - Local Source
PowerNet MIBS - Local Source (HP Openview)
PowerNet MIBS - Local Source (Adobde Readme)

Ascend - (Ascend Communications)

Bay Networks/Nortel

MIB Listing by Product


Cabletron MIBs


A nice front-end to figuring out Ciscos' MIB jungle
Cisco MIBs from their FTP site
Cisco MIB User Quick Reference


Insight Manager MIBS - (should be all you need-version 4.80)

Dell Corporation

OpenManage - Dell OpenManage is an encompassing brand for all Dell systems management offerings

Various Dell MIBs - Click here to download a small ZIP containing various Dell MIBs from WTCS

Fore Systems/Marconi

Fore Systems/Marconi

Hewlett Packard

Printers: (local source)

Laserjet 2100    Laserjet 4000    Laserjet 4050    Laserjet/Color Laserjet 4500    Laserjet 5000
Laserjet 8000    Laserjet 8000 Multi-bin MailBox (Add-on)     Laserjet 8000 Stapler (Add-on)
Laserjet 8100    Laserjet 8100 Multi-bin MailBox (Add-on)     Laserjet 8100 Stapler (Add-on)
Laserjet/Color Laserjet 8500    Laserjet 4V    Laserjet 5    Laserjet 5Si    Laserjet 5Si Mopier
Laserjet 6P    Generic JetDirect

NetServers: (local source)

NetServer Assistant SNMP Agent MIB Definition Files




Switch MIBs
Hub MIBs
Router MIBs
- Choose your device model
- Select "SoftWare and Drivers" from the list on the left
- Select the MIB to download it
DeviceView for Windows - graphical management for Intel hubs and switches


Filer (local source) - v1.01    v1.10    v1.11    v1.12    v1.13    v1.14    v1.2


NetWare MIBS (local source)
GroupWise MIBS (local source)


RFC MIBS - The latest RFC MIBS (link might not be working)


Shiva Product Support MIBS -Shiva FTP Product Support Files


Wellfleet MIBS

Alternative MIB Sources

inoTech - A Pretty good lising of vendor MIBs

The MotherLoad! - This FTP site has a pretty massive list of MIBS (some are older), but if you can't find what you're looking for, then try looking here!

Son of MotherLoad -Another site chock full of MIBS (including RFC MIBS and ones I have not even heard of!.  You could also try as it is rumored that the first FTP site may not be up too much longer.

Bucket O' MIBs

Download if you dare!! 3MB (zipped) file containing almost 20MB of MIBs from vendors such as Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Novell, Xyplex, Racal, Banyan, ATT, Cabletron, Plaintree and more.  Also contains a huge number of RFC MIBS!!  Click here to see the complete list.  Then, download the file from here.

MIB Heaven

SMURFLAND!! - Not sure how I came across this one, but you gotta check it out! An excellent assortment of MIBs!

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