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Aren't ALL webs under construction?  Well, this page is.  Here I will be adding some information that (I think) may be of help to you if you are administering an NT or NetWare system.   It is basically a "Tips I Have Found Useful" page.  The basic format is as follows:

Windows NT

AddUsers.pl  - A PERL script to take the contents of a USERS.CSV file (created from a spreadsheet) and create a batch file called add_users.bat, which creates the NT account, then the user home directory, and shares it.   This is real handy when you have to create hundreds of accounts and don't have time to use the GUI (User Manager for Domains). 

NTUptime.pl  - A nifty little script I found that returns the Windows NT Uptime (by sifting through the Event Log).  You could use (call it) to return the uptime in a script called by MRTG!


Registry Backup and Restore using regback.exe and regrest.exe

... and other NT I can think of, like:


Service Manager

Setup Creator

Windows 95/98

Win95/98 tools I can think of, like:


NetWare 4.1x/5

NetWare tools I can think of like:

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