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MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher  

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Please note: Select the Windows 2000 link (above) to download config files for the graphs you see in NET-SONAR!

MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

MRTG! (Click the image to Jump to the MRTG Site)

Programming by Tobias Oetiker <>
Dave Rand <>
and a number of other people from the Global-Village
Documentation by Tobias Oetiker <>

Well, I can't say enough about this program! IT IS WONDERFUL!  Did I mention it's FREE?!

It is a combination of PERL scripts and a fast C program (called RATEUP) that targets SNMP compliant devices, GETs performance data, writes it to a log, and graphs the result in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views.   These graphs are embedded into web pages which can be viewed from any modern Web-browser.  This is where your hard work with getting SNMP installed on your NT and/or NetWare servers REALLY pays off.  Check it out live (commented) examples of what MRTG can do, illustrated by graphs created from performance statistics from my Windows NT Server, by clicking here.

Armed with the ability to install SNMP performance monitoring DLLs or NLMs, you can pretty much have MRTG collect and graph information on any statistic.   For example, using SNMP and MRTG, you can monitor statistics on  Windows NT Servers (as above) and NetWare Servers (I am monitoring about 15 useful stats on some NetWare servers at work), collecting information on CPU usage, memory usage, NLMs, volume space remaining, file server reads and writes, etc.

Of course, you can also use MRTG to collect information about routers, switches, hubs and almost anything that will allow SNMP access.  I use MRTG to track temperature and humidity in a computer room (from an APC MeasureUPS module installed in an APC Matrix 5000 UPS.  All you need is an SNMP capable device (with the SNMP agent enabled, of course), and the proper MRTG CFG (config) files.  Here is my collection of them.  Help yourself!  I will be adding more as I find/create them.


MRTG FAQ Web Sites is the "unofficial" MRTG FAQ web site, maintained by Alex van den Bogaerdt (alex@ergens.op.Het.Net). Look here if you have any questions about MRTG!

MRTG - Config File Repository

Windows NT    Windows NT Server/Workstation:
(use in conjunction with the SNMP4NT files).

Config file (Click to d/l) Description

Internet Information Server

Bullet IIS: Anonymous  HTTP Users Bullet IIS: Anonymous FTP Users Bullet IIS: Anonymous HTTP&FTP Users


Bullet Privileged vs. User Mode %


Bullet Available vs. Commited Bytes Bullet Pages per Second Bullet Page Faults per Second
Bullet Page Reads per Second


Bullet NIC Traffic (Bytes/sec.) Bullet NWLink IPX Datagram Sent/Recv'd Bullet   NWLink SPX Datagram Sent/Recv'd
Bullet IP Datagrams Sent and Recv'd Bullet RAS Port Stats Bullet NetBEUI Protocol Stats (soon)

Logical Disk

Bullet Free (Bytes remaining)


Bullet Active Sessions (Users)

Server Queue

Bullet Queue Length vs. Active Threads


Bullet MRTG-PING-PROBE.PL - Put in the MRTG directory (change extension to .pl)
Bullet PNGPROBE.CFG - Put in your CFG directory (edit and change this file)
Bullet PING.EXE - Replace your version of PING with this one

Novell NetWare    NetWare Server: (use in conjunction with the SNMP4NW files)


Bullet CPU % Usage


Bullet Allocated Memory Bullet Cache Moveable Memory in Use Bullet Cache Non-Moveable Memory in Use
Bullet Cache Buffers In Use Bullet Code and Data Memory in Use


Bullet NIC Traffic (Bytes/sec.)

Logical Disk

Bullet Space Remaining on SYS: (Note 1)


Bullet Number of Users Attached Bullet Number of Reads/Writes Bullet Number of Processes (NLMS)

  Network Appliance (NetApp) Servers:

Bullet NetApp Filer Bullet NetApp NetCache

Cisco Systems  Cisco:

Bullet Model 1004 - Free Memory Bullet 7000/75xx - Free Memory
Model 1004 - CPU % Usage (soon) Bullet 7000/75xx - Temperature
Bullet Model 4X00 - Free Memory Bullet 7000/75xx - CPU Utilization (1min/5min)
Bullet Model 4x00 - CPU % Usage

3Com    3Com Hub/Switches:

American Power Conversion    APC UPS:

Bullet Measure UPS - Temperature Bullet APC Matrix - Power
Bullet Measure UPS - Humidity Bullet APC Misc. Environmental

Dell Logo    DELL

Bullet Misc. Performance Stats


Note 1: You may have to do an SNMPUTIL WALK on the OID to confirm the response value, particularly if you have more than one volume, or are using NetWare 5.

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