SNMP4NT(c) Download Page
(Implementing SNMP and Performance DLLs on Windows NT 3.51/4.0)

Download SNMP4NT(c) - Standard Edition
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Standard Edition:  This install file (SNMP4NT-STD.EXE) contains the basic SNMP components that will support monitoring the counters as shown in the Available Statistics Page.  After installation, you simply run the install batch file (x:\installdir\mibinst\mibinst.bat) on the system you want to monitor (after SNMP is sucessfully installed, of course) and you are ready to go!

Download SNMP4NT(c) - Full Edition
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Full Edition:  This install file (SNMP4NT-FULL.EXE) contains everything you get in the standard version, plus includes the components needed to add other performance counter instances to PERFMIB.MIB.  I have included instructions on how to add your own counters!



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