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RRDTool - The Round Robin Database
MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
14ALL.CGI - Server side HTML generation

and Windows NT/2000
Last updated on: 18Dec2000

What is RRDTool and why would I want to use it?
What is 14ALL.CGI and how does it work?
Integrating RRDTool with MRTG     Configuring your Web Server    Modifying 14all.cgi
Why this Page?

What is RRDTool and why would I want to use it?

Think of MRTG as both a "front-end" (collector) and "back-end" (database) process.   A series of PERL scripts target the SNMP device, collect the pertinent data, write it to a log file, and then generate graphic files and HTML text from that log file.

If, like me, you have been using MRTG for awhile, and are collecting data from many devices, you have likely experienced slow-down (mainly dues to massive disk activity).   This is likely to be more prevalent in Windows NT since it does not have the threading capabilities of Linux or Unix.

RRDTool (also written by Tobias Oetiker), on the otherhand is a database format that supports multiple front ends (i.e. PERL scripts (like MRTG) or other shells.  There are many "front-ends" to RRDTool, but this document (currently) addresses making MRTG scripts and environments work with an RRDTool "back-end".  Then, at a later date you can transition into a full-fledged RRDTool configuration, with one of those "front-ends" performing the data acquisition and presentation functions.

Here's your biggest reason for upgrading ...SPEED!!  Using RRD as the back-end greatly increases your collection time.  Why?  Because it does not spend any time generating grpahs or creating web pages.  In addition, you can FINALLY graph more than 2 targets using RRDTool.  Also, you can do neat things like modify graphs to only display certain times.  Cool huh?  Look to this site for information on how to do these things as I move forward myself.

What is 14ALL.CGI, and how does it work?

14all is a server side (CGI) script that takes the data collected my mrtg.pl (provided it is writing that data in RRDTool logfile format), and creates "on-demand" graphics and web pages.  It does not replace the MRTG "wrapper" web pages (or indexmaker web pages) you may have created.

14ALL.CGI is a MRTG contribution script written by Rainer Bawidamann.  You can get to his 14all/mrtg/rrdtool web site here, and he can be reached by email here.

Integrating RRDTool with MRTG

redball.gif (995 bytes) First of all, you must have a working MRTG configuration.   If not, don't even attempt to make this work.  Having said that, let's continue...

Configuring your Web Server

These instructions should get you through configuring IIS 4/5 or PWS to run 14all.cgi.

Modifying 14all.cgi

Here's where you have several options. I will outline what I have done.
I have a MRTG config (PC616083_SERVER.CFG) file for a device with several OIDs inside it. So, I rename 14all.cgi to match the name of my mrtg config file (PC616083_SERVER.CGI).

Why this Page?

I wrote this page for the same reason I have written everything else here.  It allows me to gain a better understanding, and allows me to share my work with others.  As always, please send me an email if you have comments or questions.   Remember, I wrote this page and all the text on it, so if there are problems do not contact Rainer or Tobi!

Front Ends to RRDTool

Check out the RRDTool Front End Page here.

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