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System Name: WIN2KFS1.WTCS.ORG


This page provides both a snapshot of system health, and access to a plethora of performance statistics collected from the WTCS Corporate Windows 2000 Advanced Server WIN2KFS1.

These statistics are collected using a combination of SNMP (using SNMP4W2K, HTTP, FTP and MIB-II) and Windows Scripting Host (using WMI and Active-X components).  Based on the threshold values set in the MRTG configuraton files, the status icons will change from the green "A-OK" check-mark to the red flashing "Emergency" beacon.  This is done by having a script execute on threshold breach which copies either the chekmark.gif file or the alert.gif file to a gif file called status_icon.gif.   Once the threshold is no longer in breach, the icon is reset.

Note: It will be a little while until all this is fully operative, but it should be COOL!! 

To get details on the stats, simply move your mouse over the statistics areas (blue squares) on the image (image map) and click.

Recent script additions include wmi_dskstats.vbs, a WMI script that collects of disk utilization (space) stats, and (!!) a new Active-X script (ax_procstats.vbe) that allows you to target an individual process running on a system (local or remote), and collect stats for MRTG.  Check out the Web Service Statistics, showing how you can see the percentage of bandwidth used by Virtual Web Sites created under IIS!

If you are interested in having a system like this put together for you, please give me a call or email me and we will discuss it further!

System Information:  Home-made "GarthLogic" AMD Athlon-XP 1700 (1475MHz), with 512MB RAM, 32MB EliteGroup AG_305 AGP video accelerator, 50GB IDE (S.M.A.R.T.) storage (1xWDC 30GB-7200RPM and Quantum FireBall 20GB-7200RPM), 8X write, 32X read TEAC CD-ROM writer and 16X Liteon DVD player. It has two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controllers (1x3COM 3C905B-TX and 1x SIS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet).  All in all, I think it's a pretty good system.

Windows 2000 Advanced Server: running SP2 with all the latest security fixes applied (as of 29January2002).
ISA Server 2000: ISA server is a combination firewall, web-cache, and Internet access controller (Proxy) allowing secure, centralized access to the internet.
Exchange Server 2000: MS Exchange server provides a messaging infrastructure, supporting groupware and collaboration, such as email, calendaring, and task management.

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