(Implementing SNMP on Windows 95/98)

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Things you ought to know about SNMP on Windows 95/98
Implementation Details

SNMP on Windows 95 and 98

Well, to begin with, you may be a little disappointed with the level of SNMP monitoring you can do with the SNMP support services from Microsoft.  You can only access the MIB-2 (.  tree.  There is no Private Enterprises level monitoring (.  SORRY!  Here is what you can browse (try getif):

. (system)
. (interfaces)
. (at)
. (ip)
. (icmp
. (tcp)
. (udp)

(you could also use SNMPUTIL.EXE if you wanted to).

Implementaion Details

Straight out of the box, SNMP under Windows 95/98 is set up for a community called public and no sysContact or sysLocation.  If you want to add a sysContact, sysLocation or change the community name you will need to "hack" the registry.    You can either do this through regedit.exe (kinda messy) or from the command line like so:

1) Download the appropriate file
    (snmpw95reg.fil for Windows 95) or snnpw98reg.fil for Windows98)
2) Save it as eithe c:\temp\snmpw95.reg or c:\temp\snmpw98.reg (depending on the OS version)
3) Edit c:\temp\snmpw95.reg or snmpw98.reg (using notepad.exe)
4) Change the appropriate line(s).  See Windows 95 or Windows 98 examples below
    Leave the sysServices line alone!
5) Save the file again
6) Open a DOS prompt (start/run/command)

7) BACKUP YOUR REGISTRY (SYSTEM.DAT)  The following DOS commands should work fine...
md c:\windows\dat_save
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\system.dat
copy c:\windows\system.dat c:\windows\dat_save
attrib +r +s +h c:\windows\system.dat

(continued after the following short interruption...)

warning.gif (19508 bytes)BY THE WAY is probably a good idea to perform step 7 periodically anyway.  It just might save your bacon if you toast your system.  If you do, the recovery steps would be...

1) Boot the system to a DOS prompt (bypass system files)
2) Type the following commands
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\system.dat
copy c:\windows\dat_save\system.dat c:\windows
attrib +r +s +h c:\windows\system.dat
3) Reboot the system (and cross your fingers, toes, teeth, whatever!)

(moving right along ...)

8) regedit c:\temp\snmpw95.reg or regedit c:\temp\snmpw98.reg  (you should see a message like "snmpw9x.reg sucessfully entered into registry).
9) del c:\temp\snmpw95.reg or del c:\temp\snmpw98.reg
10) Reboot the system

That's all folks!

FILE (SNMPW95.REG) STARTS BELOW THIS DOTTED LINE (cut and paste if you want)

"sysContact"="Put your name/tel/pager/email in here"
"sysLocation"="Put the computer's location here"



FILE (SNMPW98.REG) STARTS BELOW THIS DOTTED LINE (cut and paste if you want)








"sysContact"="Garth K. Williams -"
"sysLocation"="Kidz Computer (Basement)"



It is not likely that Microsoft will improve the level of SNMP monitoring here.   From what I can tell, if one wanted to get into the SDKs (Software Development Kits) from MS, then they COULD access more (performance) statistics through SNMPAPI.DLL.   I'm not a programmer, but I am a bit intrigued.  I may delve into this a bit later.

Meantime, if you want to see what Microsoft has for support for these ooperating systems, click either of the images below!

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