SNMP4CTX is a Microsoft SNMP extension agent, that allows SNMP to be used to collect application statistics from Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame/MetaFrame XP.

Available Statistics:

User logged on to WinStation (ICA)
WinStation connected to client (ICA)
Sessions in the process of connecting to client (ICA)
Shadowing another WinStation (ICA)
Waiting for client to connect (ICA)
WinStation logged on without client (ICA)
WinStation listening for connection (ICA)
WinStation being reset (ICA)
WinStation down due to error (ICA)
WinStation initialization (ICA)

Click here to download SNMP4CTX.

  Please note:  If you have any problems with this extension agent, please contact the author (Alexandre Leclere) at  SNMP4tPC does not offer support for this product.

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