(Implementing SNMP on Linux and Unix)

Wow!  I can't believe it has been as long as it has since I even looked at this page!  Sorry!  I FINALLY built a new system.  Celeron 500 (pushed), 384MB RAM, 30GB EIDE hard drive, and 32X CD-RW.  Nice.  Still it always seems I am waiting for it!!

Anyway, I will get around to installing Linux (hey! Even got the software!), but in the meantime, you will just have to make do with some links I have found.

Implementing SNMPD on FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris - by Daniel R. Kilbourne

Monitoring a Link with SNMPD - by Jason Philbrook

Extending the UCD SNMP Agent

Thanks for your patience.  If you have information to share, please do.  Some people have, and I will post it here soon.

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