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This page provides a few options to help you with your implementation of SNMP4NT, SNMP4W2K, or NET-SONAR.  Make the appropriate section below.


Due to excessive spam (mostly from Asia and Nigeria), I have removed "real" email addresses, and replaced them with "human readable" email addresses.  Sorry for any inconveniences.

General Web-Site questions and feedback

General Support questions


NET-SONAR Support questions


SNMP4W2K Support questions


SNMP4NT Support questions


Email can now be sent to me by clicking here

It is a little slow, but I will be working on improving it shortly!

If your purpose for contacting me does not fall into the categories listed above, feel free to drop me a line using the Email Form

SNMP4tPC Chat Room

 Chat LIVE with other users!

Click on the icon above to enter a chat room where you can communicate in REAL TIME with other users.  it might be a good way to pass along ideas, ask questions, etc. with people who are here for the same reason(s) as you!  This way, when I have time, I can be on from anywhere with web access, and not just from where I have a dedicated (i.e. HumanClick) administrator console.

When I am on, I'll be under the nickname "GarthLogic".

SNMP Posting Form:

Questions/Answers/Issues Forum

Click on the icon to enter a forum where you can post your questions/issues for others to see and answer.  I get a considerable amount of mail relevant to SNMP4NT (and the odd one on SNMP4NW), and if this forum can serve as a knowledge-base of sorts, helping you figure out what's wrong, how to fix it, identify problems (GASP!  BUGS!?), then it will be serving a useful purpose.  Implemented 20June2000.

Note (13May2002) - The CJB posting forum is quite slow.  I am looking into moving to a self-supported message board (CGI script), and there is a slight possibility I will lose the data currently held by CJB.

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