What's New at SNMP4tPC? 

What's New?? 07July2004 - I added a cool tool called HealthMonitor to the Links Page (Other Monitoring Software).  Check it out. It's a great tool to simply and effectively monitor and alert on key system parameters!

24May2004 - I'm sure many of you have noticed that this site is not getting updated as often as it has in the past.  Part of this is because I am focusing more on SNMP Informant, and partly due to some medical challenges in my family.  I just don't have the time I used to, or perhaps more accurately, I don't enough time to manage two web sites.

Tonight, I updated the Links Page, fixing a 404 here and there, and added a new link to a product (open-source) called SICM (Simple Infrastructure Capacity Monitor).  It puts a web front end template manager on RRDTool.  Certainly worth a look (you can find it under "MRTG and associated links")!  I will continue to update this page, as I know it is one of the more popular pages (along with Getif!) on this web.

I would like to thank SNMP4tPC visitors, and SNMP4NT/SNMP4W2K customers for their support  to date, and encourage you to look at SNMP Informant if you have not yet done so.  It really is a step up in product quality and performance!  The free version seems to be gaining popularity with over 1100 downloads per month!  Thanks again!

28Feb2004 - Well, it has sure been a busy month!  SNMP Informant is a month old, and already we have seen more than 1000 downloads of the free version!  We have received many positive comments, and have recently released an alpha version which should run on any language.  Feedback so far has been good, and we are working to incorporate changes and suggestions into the production release soon.  For more information, please see The SNMP Informant Web Site.

On this sight, I added a link to a free MIB browser from iREASONING.  It is a Java-based GUI browser, and well worth a look-see.  You can find out about it in the Free SNMP Utilities section on the Links Page.

01Feb2004 - SNMP Informant is Here!  What started out as SNMP2CA has evolved into SNMP Informant!  Check it out at  SNMP2CA has been discontinued, and is no longer available from this web site.  Instead, download SNMP Informant!  The standard version is free, and it has the same numeric OID structure as SNMP2CA, so you should have to worry about making changes to any program that uses it (SNMP2CA), except where you might have used the fully qualified OID name.  In those cases you will have to recompile in the new SNMP Informant MIBS, and make modifications!

Also, there is an advanced version of SNMP Informant available, and it has a PILE of performance counter objects (over 2500).  Two Application Plus Packs have been released as well (SQLServer 2000 and BizTalk Server), with more on the way (look for Exchange 2003 and ISA Server 2000 within 2 weeks).

SNMP2CA has proven to be quite popular with over 1000 downloads in less than 2 months, and we sincerely hope this continues with SNMP Informant!  For those many users who downloaded, used and provided feedback on SNMP2CA, please accept our sincere thanks!  Please continue this with SNMP Informant.   We appreciate all critiques, positive or otherwise, since without you, this web site would cease to be!

12Dec2003 - Updated SNMP2CA-STD to version 1.1, fixing those "counter not found" problems you might have read about in the forums!  Should be the final STD version for awhile, freeing us up to finish the ADV (advanced) version.  Check back often!  Forum has REALLY helped!  Thanks to the original poster who helped identify this problem.

08Dec2003 - Added a Support Forums Page.  Check it out here!  Please let me know what you think!

01Dec2003 - Added a Search Page!  Added a CGI script to display number of users online (mostly to test CGI functionality).  SNMP2CA is getting a fair number of downloads.  Thank you for your interest!  I hope it meets your expectations!  I will put up a user survey to get a little feedback in a short while.  Meantime, I am continuing to rewrite the web in the new frameless format.  All things in time!

27Nov2003 - Fixed the SNMP2CA OID file.

26Nov2003 - What's new?  Well, SNMP2CA is, that's what!!  Check it out!!  Finally, an SNMP Extension Agent for Windows 2000/XP/2003 that fully supports multiple processors, logical disk, and Network Interfaces.  The Standard version is released and it is free!  Find out more right here!

18Sep2003 - Added a memory converter to help you figure out bits, bytes, kilobytes, zettabytes, etc.  It is pretty cool!  Can't take credit for it, though.  I found it on the 'net and saved it, but forgot to bookmark it, and dunno where I even GOT it from.  If it's YOU, send a note, and I'll acknowledge your effort.

18Aug2003 - Arghh!  Time flies, eh?  Summer has been busy in they yard and around the house.  Built a playhouse for the kids, trimmed the trees, did the deck ...

Anyway, check out out the SNMP4W2K Support Page (Missing Performance Counters section).  I found a MS article that referenced PhysicalDisk counters, and the fact that in Windows 2K performance counters, the name (i.e. drive letter) is now included along with the drive number.  It showed how (if you wanted), you could make a registry mod that would return the counter style back to legacy format (like in Windows NT).  I had found that the PhysicalDisk counters in SNMP4W2K sometimes did not work, and I wondered if setting the counter style back (no drive letters, only numbers) might fix this problem.  Well, in 2 of 2 tests, it seems to have done the trick.  So if you use SNMP4W2K, and would like to access PhysicalDisk counters, and are unable to get them now, why not give it a try.  Check this link for details.

What else?  Oh yeah.  Buddy, my Cocker Spaniel blew out BOTH (rear) cranial cruciate ligaments, so has been limping around since May.  We had him x-rayed, and it turned out that he needed an operation on each rear leg to fix the problem.  He had one operation about 4 weeks ago, got the stitches out about 2 weeks ago, and in 6 weeks, he gets the other leg done.  Ouch.  $700.00 touch for each leg, but mostly I feel for the dog.  Hard for him to understand (I think) why we are putting him through this.  Poor ol' hounder!

Doggerrific Bud-Dog

By the way, I was reading my earlier what's new, and realized I did not show a picture of Cruella, my troublesome Cutlass.  Here.  Not a bad looking set of wheels I guess.  The latest?  I had the Air Conditioner compressor seize up, snapped the serpentine belt, and no worky-pas.  One belt.  Everything goes.  Whatever happened to the good old days where you had three belts?  Anyway, I had it towed in and $682.00 later, it has a new (rebuilt) compressor.  Sigh ....

Cruella - My repair-prone Cutlass (not so) Supreme

28May2003 - Holy!  Has it been 2 months already?  Hard to believe.  My arm is better now, and I hope to get a little golf in over the (short) summer.  Meantime, check out the snow we had only 2 weeks ago! May 10th!

 Buddy, my hound, looking a little disgusted.  Note the path I carved for him so he could go about his business! Another view off our back deck.  This was after a nigh of snow-fall. A little view down our front street.

... and we had already raked and aerated the yard.  It went from +18C a day before to -16C, and stayed there for about a week.  -16C with a 25Km wind is pretty darned cold for May 10th!  Brrr.

And I had a pant-load of car problems to boot!  Cruella (her new name) would run fine, and then simply would not start.  I would drive it to work, and it would not start to get me home.  Spun like mad, but no fire.  I'd get a ride home, and a ride back the next day, and when I went to start it at the end of that day it would start.  Arggh!  I took it in, but of course it never died for the mechanic.  I rented a car for three days, and let the mechanic use it for part delivery etc, but still no problem found.  No codes in the on-board computer either.  We replaced the ignition module because their head mechanic said that "80% of starting problems on GMs are related to the module".  Nope.  Once, when it was dead, I towed it to the shop, and the darned thing started before it even off the truck.  Then, it would not die.  Later, I did get it towed there dead, and it was still dead when they got it (thank goodness!).  4 and a half hours later (more like 2 months overall), it was fixed.  Crank Sensor.  1992 Cutlass Supreme International Edition, 3.1lV6-179HP in case you ever find yourself in the same situation.

Now, I am coaching 4 and 5 year olds in Tee-Ball twice a week.  What a gas!  

OK, enough of The World According to Garth

So... tonight I added some registry fixes to restore SNMP support to IIS, SQL and Exchange in the event that those apps were installed after SNMP, or you are having difficulties getting stats from SNMP4W2K (or other SNMP management tools!)  You can find these fixes here, on the SNMP4W2K Support Page.

ALso, I added UltraJones' EXCELLENT IP Tools on the WTCS FTP FreeWare File Server, under the Internet Tools/IP Tools directory.  Check them out, especially IP UltraMonitor 2000, which is a GREAT IP/Port monitoring program, with the ability to generate HTML output (needs a web server to serve up the page), and SMTP alerts, and supports adding custom IP ports.  The only thing I wish it would do is monitor custom UDP ports.  It did not work when I added port 161, even though IANA lists 161 for SNMP under both TCP and UDP protocols.  It even SPEAKS!  It uses the MS Agent technology (you know, Merlin... Peedy, etc.).

In Net-Sonar, I have been working on an AddRouter.vbs script, which can pop a new router into the monitoring mix in seconds.  Currently, it only supports two router types Cisco and Efficient routers, but soon will support more.

I have also been working on a web-based entry form to add new servers.  You can see it/try it here.  It creates a flat-file database of new servers to be added.  That part is done!  I have stated a PERL script to parse this database and generate multiple MRTG server config files for you!  I hope to have that part done soon.  Current customers can upgrade their versions by downloading the latest NET-SONAR (same location as before), doing a diff, and adding the additional files.  I will be working on an "upgrade script" once the AddRouter and AddEntry phases are complete.

Can I plug OCS Inventory again?  If you have a network of PCs, and would like to get a reign on the hardware configuration and software inventory of those PCs, you owe it to your self to check it out!  I am putting it into pilot at work, and it looks fine!  You can check it out at  Currently at version 2, it uses an Access 97 (soon to support a SQL database I'm led to believe), and provides a web and Win32 GUI admin tool, allows you to add software vendors and license counts for license compliance checks, and runs as a tidy little 300KB executable on login (will only run once a day).  You can set the inventory period so that it will only collect this information every X number of days.  The Win32 GUI supports a "Remote Control" feature so you can VNC into the client workstation.  I wrote a WMI BIOS collection tool that imports BIOS information into OCS very neatly (through CSV).

Pro:  Free, and very easy to install, open source.  Free!

Con: Still using Access 97 back-end database (will NOT work with Access 2000)

OK, that's it for now.  Have a good summer!  Thank you all for visiting!

25Mar2003 - Tonight I updated the WMI_FreeDisk and WMI_MemStats vbscripts on the MRTG Helper Scripts Page.  Now, you should not have to make any changes to them in order to run them.  You simply need to have admin privileges on the target system(s) you are running them against.  If you have any feedbak on those scripts, please let me know!  

Also, due to the inordinate amount of SPAM I receive as a result of having had real email addresses posted here on this web, I have decided to remove them, and post "human readable" email addresses in an effort to thwart those email harvesting bots.  Please forgive me if things are a little less convenient, but I really need to do something, and having "real" email addresses on this web is making me have to filter and sort my email beyond what is reasonable.  You can send me email (by using a form) by clicking here.

18Mar2003 - Well, I have received numerous requests to re-post the WMI scripts I had on the WMI Page awhile back. During a web clean-up, I guess they disappeared.  Therefore, I put them, and a few others on an MRTG Helper Scripts Page.  You can also link to them and others by selecting the MRTG Helper Scripts link under MRTG Config Files on the MRTG Page.  Free to use them as they are, or as foundations for your own scripts.  If you do, I would ask that you send them to me, and I will add them to the MRTG Helper Scripts Page for others to download.  Hey!  It's only fair.

14Mar2003 - I finally got around to releasing v3.13 of SNMP4W2K-PLUS, supporting a second instance of SQL (it must be named A), and some general cleaning up.

09Mar2003 (Happy Birthday Son!) - Well, this evening, I added a few things to the Links Page.  Specifically, I added a link to a tool called Vonskie Ping, which is a great little GUI PING/TraceRoute (and other) tool!  It's in the Network Testing section under Free PING and Port Monitoring Software.  While on the Links Page, check out The Other Monitoring Tools (Under Network Management and Monitoring) and look for the Event Log to Syslog Utility from Perdue University.  It will forward an Event Log entry as a syslog message to a syslog server (i.e. netal's SL4NT), allowing you to effectively (and cheaply) centralize Event Logs.  NICE!

You might also want to keep looking, and check out OCS Inventory, an open source ( application that collects system hardware and software (i.e. for licensing purposes) inventory information.  I loaded it at work to check it out, and it looks very nice.

Finally, I added links to three VNC products, TightVNC (my favorite), VNC (the original) and TridiaVNC (they offer a Pro version as well).  You can find these in the Network Management and Monitoring section under Other Free Utilities.

27Feb2003  - A bit of a while since I updated.  I broke my left arm playing hockey, and it has been 4 weeks, and I am just now able to type somewhat with my left hand, although I have to prop it on the keyboard first.  It was a spiral fracture of the upper humerus which (by the way) is NOT funny!  About 8 more weeks to do (sigh).

I have added a link to download version 2.3.1 of Getif on the Getif Page.  In addition, I assembled a zip file that you can dump into your Getif\Mibs directory, and Voila!  Copious quantities of MIBS to browse.  Back up your MIBS directory and try it!  You'll really like this if you have Cisco product to monitor!

Stay tuned for version 3.13 of SNMP4W2K-PLUS!  It has support for 2 instances of SQL 2000.  This is in addition to the Media Services support added in version 3.12.  Version 3.13 should be available in less than a week.

07Jan2003  - Happy New Year!!  I added a link on the Things to Know Page about a Windows 2000 (only fixed in SP3) memory leak when the LanMan MIB is queried for printer objects and the spooler service is stopped.  Leaks as much as 30MB per query!  Holy (beep)!  Other than that, just removed the goofy pictures on the front page and That's about That!  I am hoping to add a section on integrating SNMP4W2K into NNM and OVO as I learn more about those little applets this year!

Thank you to all my SNMP4W2K-PLUS and NET-SONAR customers.  I appreciate your patronage, your comments and your suggestions!!  Have a great year!

23Nov2002  - Updated SNMP4W2K-PLUS to version 3.12, with the addition of Windows Media Services support.  Now you can remotely monitor your streaming servers with SNMP!  I've had a few requests on this one, and it is finally out of the bag!

Also, check out the FreeWare Hotties Page!  I added some new toys there, and they are worth a good look!

06Oct2002  - Wow!  Almost a month!  Updated the Links Page, adding a link to FREE ONLINE EDUCATION (Information section), and to a tool called D Trend (in the Network Management and Monitoring section.  I also updated the SNMP4W2K Support Page as well.

I will be removing all links to my email address shortly, as I am getting spammed incessantly by people who get me email addresses by using those %$#%^!! email harvesting web-bots!  What a bunch of JERKS!  Just because I have my email address on a web page is not permission to send me ^%$^!! Viagra and credit card adds, and requests from South Africa to help some sap in some bank funnel $15.5 US Dollars (stored in a trunk no less) out of the country.  It pisses me off.  Oh yeah!  And they use those email addresses (i.e. mine) to send Spam to other poor blokes.

So... if you ever get an email from this domain, and it is not solicited (i.e. you did not send me one first, or purchase either Net-Sonar or SNMP4W2K-PLUS), please do not consider it as valid.  Delete it!  I will never send unsolicited email, and it would certainly NEVER have an attachment. 

11September2002  - Due to the number of downloads and purchases of SNMP4W2K, I have overhauled the SNMP4W2K Support Page.  It is in an attempt to provide a first line of support to those with questions or problems relating to the SNMP4W2K agent.  Updated the FreeWare Hotties Page (finally!), with a description of and a link to a nifty little tool called ShowTraffic.  Check it out!

30August2002 - Added a separate SNMP4W2K Support Page.

29August2002 - Did a massive re-write of the SNMP4W2K Page, making it (I think) much easier to understand.  Check it out!

14August2002 - Modified SNMP4W2K-PLUS (now at v3.1) based on a user request.  Added SMTP and NNTP Service monitoring capability!  Current customers will be getting this version update free!  Fixed a broken link and added the Getif MIBs package on the Getif Page.

13August2002 - Modified the SNMP4W2K page, adding a link to a MS page on how to configure security on the SNMP service.  Added a separate Getif Page, as it seems that I get a lot of questions on how to do this or that (read graph) using the tool!

06August2002 - Modified the SNMP4W2K Page interactions, giving a better description of the differences between the Standard and PLUS versions!  Separated the NET-SONAR Page from the PayPal Purchase Page.  Added MIBTABLE (an SNMP SDK example tool) to the Links Page (Free SNMP Utilities) to enumerate rows inside a MIB table.  Kinda neat!

11July2002 - SNMP4W2K-PLUS is finally here!  This latest version provides all the performance counter support of SNMP4W2K, and supports Active Directory, Print Services, Terminal Services, SQL Server 2000, ISA Server 2000, and Exchange Server 2000.  See the SNMP4W2K Page for more information.  It is not free, but is very attractively priced!  See the NET-SONAR Page for pricing options.

NET-SNAR has also had some significant improvements, including a redesigned AddServer script, and several MRTG helper files, including an APC runtime helper, which converts from that nasty hh:mm:ss to a more MRTG-friendly XXX minutes, as well as a WMI script for remotely monitoring Windows 2000 disk space without having to know the SNMP OIDs!  Very Nice.  Threshold log files can now be in either human readbale form, or CSV, which more easily interfaces with database programs.

22June2002 - This is a big one.  Added SQL 2000 support to SNMP4W2K-Plus! FINALLY!  Click here for a sample screenshot of the browse.  I have also added Printer Queue support as well, so you can monitor your Windows 2000 print servers.  RAS is in there too, but I am having difficulties pulling the stats.  I will working on it soon.  I have installed Exchange 2000, so once the DNS gets all set up, it will be added too!

Meantime, Net-Sonar chugs along too!  I have made some changes as a result of feedback from customers and testers.  The AddServer script (in the full version) now takes about 11 seconds to completely generate a new set of config files, batch files, and HTML files, allowing you to incorporate a new server into the Net-Sonar web.  Unfortunately, I have to make appropriate changes in the demo version as a result, and I won't be able to complete them before I leave, so if you are interested in a demo, please leave me an email, and I will be working on making that demo version available upon my return.  Thanks for your patience!

I will be in Seattle next week at the OpenView Software Forum, so no further work will be done until I get back.


13May2002 - First, a small notice ...

I have been getting "Mail System Error - Returned Mail" notifications from my Hosting/Mail Relayer.  Seems like someone is trying to send .EXE messages using source addresses that have been "cultivated" from this site (  Please be aware that I will NEVER intentionally send unsolicited files (especially .EXE/VBS, etc.) to anyone.  Period.  I have better things to do.  Unfortunately, the nature of this "annoyance" is such that it is not worth doing much about, except to post this notice.  For your own sake, please be judicious in your handling of ANY inbound mail.

On to the good stuff ...

I Added a Support Page, making it a bit easier for you to get in touch with me about the various products here at SNMP4tPC.  Modified the SNMP Page, linking to the Literature Page instead of duplicating links.  Added a SNMP4tPC Chat Room, where I can provide real-time support (sometimes I am off-site, and only have HTTP access.  Using a product like HumanClick requires a dedicated console, and in many cases MSN messenger is blocked at corporate firewalls, or is against "Acceptable Use" policy).  Soon I will put up my own Message Board, too.

04May2002 - Fixed links to Josef Wendel's MRTG Totalizer on the Links PageLots of work on the  Literature Page.  First, I fixed the link to Chris Francois' SNMP Slide Show.  Then, I added two pictures (TCP and IP Header information) scanned from a T-Shirt. I kid you not!  Check them out!  They are actually good references!  Who'd have thought!  Anyway, still more on the Literature Page (in the Multi-Media section) with a very cool TCP/IP and SNMP audio presentation by Debbie Koren of RAD Data Communications, and a link to Learning SNMP and TCP/IP by ET (Instytut Elektroniki i Telekommunikacji - in Poland) and ENIC (Ecole Nouvelle d'Ingenieur en Communication) in France.  Again, on the Literature Page (this time in the Tutorials section), a page or two from DPS Telecom on SNMP.  Finally (for tonight anyway, a link to an IBM TCP/IP Technical Overview.

Added some information on SNMP vulnerabilities on the Things You Should Know Page.  Not just for MS, but SNMP in general.  There's always a dark side, isn't there?

OK, here's something kinda funny.  I guess even farmers are getting into SNMP!

06April2002 - First and Foremost, I have renamed SystemScope to NET-SONAR.  I kind of knew at the beginning that SystemScope would probably not remain as the product name.  As far as the product itself is going, I have had many requests for information, and now have over half a dozen demo versions out for review (thanks, folks!).  I am hoping that the feedback will be positive (and drive improvements), and that people will realize its value.  I have had the NET-SONAR.COM domain name for awhile now, and (smack me in the head!) I just figured it would be an excellent name for the product.  I added URL link-backs to the alert emails in NET-SONAR, as well as the ability to add your name and company, and message in each email message.

30March2002 - Well, while there has not been a lot of development on the PERFMIB agent side of the SNMP4tPC web site, I have been extremely busy, working on a product I am calling SystemScope.  SystemScope is what I am calling an MRTG wrapper.  It is designed to get you up and running, monitoring Windows 2000 systems in an absolute minimum of time, providing PING checking, and a robust alert mechanism.  Rather than describe it here, you can see it live if you check out my Live MRTG Stats Page!  Web port has been set back to 80, so should be accessible to more people than on port 82! 

06February2002 - Made some more changes to the WIN2KFS1 Server Performance Statistics Page, illustrating how you can enhance your monitoring system.  Go to the Redirection Page, and select the Live MRTG Stats link.  Remember, if you would like some help setting up a Windows NT-based a network, I can provide consulting services on a time and materials or block-time basis.

04February2002 - Oops!  Installed ISA Server and forgot to open up some ports for the local webs.  ISA Server takes port 80, so since I have IIS 5.0 installed, I had to move it to another port.  Anyway, I have been working to add system health indicators to the MRTG Statistics Page.  You can get there through the Redirection Page. Just select the Live MRTG Stats link, and you can see what I have been up to.

29January2002 - Modified links (changed TCP port numbers) to my Live MRTG Stats and FTP Web Redirection Page to facilitate the addition of MS ISA server.  Once configured, I will be working towards the collection of stats from Microsoft's newest firewall (they call it that, not me) and Proxy/Cache component.

I'm getting lots of calls for support on implementing some of this stuff.  I know it can be difficult, so if you need help, I can provide personalized consulting services to help you get this stuff implemented.  Just give me a call or email me.  You might save a lot of time!

19January2002 - Added a Commercial SNMP Testing Tools in the Development section to the Links Page.   Check out InterWorking Labs for an excellent source of vitamin S (as in SNMP)!  If you are looking for a comprehensive SNMP test bench

Also, added a link to the WTCS FTP FreeWare File Server on the Redirect Page.  I have been an active collector and tester of a wide variety of FreeWare tools, and have decided to put them up for your perusal.  If you know of a tool that you find useful, and don't see it, please email me with a link so I can check it out!

14January2002 - I wrote a VBScript/Active-X script to collect physical disk statistics, and feed them into MRTG.  Check it out on the Live MRTG Stats Page!

OK, so I am working again.  I am currently working at a large Power Company doing some NT evergreening.  Sounds kinda like forestry, doesn't it?

10November2001 - I have (finally!) updated the thresholds page!  SMTPMAIL.PL has been fixed so that it only sends an alert message every hour instead of every 5 minutes.  Check out the Thresholds Page for more information.

I will be taking down my network shortly for as long as a month as I am relocating back to Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada (eh?).  I will be re-joining Acrodex (my old company), and will be unavailable (on the Net for awhile).  I expect this to commence on the 15 of this month.

26October2001- I have completed version 1.0 of ax_webstats.vbe, which allows you to target any two virtual web sites (on IIS of course!), and plot usage as a percentage of Total Web Service.  The idea here is to provide information for billing purposes, so you can bill customers based on % usage.  You can see a usage dump on the Active-X Page, and some demo  graphs (I created a virtual web site (where files are downloaded from) on the MRTG Server Statistics Page (select MRTG Statistics from the Redirect Page)!   Please let me know if you are interested in this MRTG Helper script.  I will be making it available for a small fee.  This is because it is really targeted to ISPs justifying bandwidth billing, and also because I can use the cash!  Don't worry!  It will cost a lot less than you doing it yourself, I can pretty much guarantee!

On the job-front, the news is that I am still looking!  It is a tough market out here, and not getting any better!  Hopefully soon!  Got a lead?  Let me know!  Thanks!

Any feedback on SNMP4W2K?  I am seeing roughly 28 downloads a day, so I hope that someone can take the time to let me know how it is working for them!

12October2001 - Well, THIS IS IT!  SNMP4W2K v1.0 has been released!  This is the first version, and I am looking for some feedback as to how it performs for you!  PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  Is it worthwhile?  Thanks to the many people who have pressured me into getting this out.  Sometimes, ya just need a kick in the pants!

10October2001 - Pretty significant update (I think!).  On the MRTG Live Stats Page, you will see a Process section.  Information collected in this section is done using Windows Scripting Host, a custom Active-X DLL, and the Performance Data Helper DLL (PDH.DLL).  What's cool about that?  Well, check out these scripts:

ax_procstats.vbe - Using this script, you can target a local or remote computer, pick a process running on it, and collect information about that process!!  Cool Huh?

ax_webstats.vbe - allows you to collect and display IIS 5.0 Default and Administration virtual web site traffic information as a percentage of total web service traffic!  Look on the MRTG Live Stats Page, and select Web Service.  You might be able to see that I can pretty much do that with ANY virtual web site created!

ax_dualcpu.vbe - allows you to target local or remote remote systems, and collect processor stats (supporting DUAL processors)!

Check out the new Active-X Page, and jump to Sample Scripts!

03October2001 - Updated my FreeWare Pick O' The Month Page!  Also, added John Jarvis (sorry it took so long!) to my Supporters Page!  Thanks for the CD John!  Really Nice!  Made some serious additions to the WMI Page (it's getting there!), and scaled down the top banner somewhat (Happy now, Jeff?).  Added a link on the Literature Page to an MS Technet white paper that lists Windows 2000 MIBS and the DLLs that support them, and their Object IDs.  Handy Info!

28September2001 - Minor updates to SNMP4W2K Page and the corresponding Available Statistics Page.  Added ICMP counter to SNMP4W2K.  Version 1.0 of SNMP4W2K will likely be made available this weekend.

27September2001 - WMI Update: Well, Good news on the WMI/Windows 2000 front!!  I added Disk Available statistics using Active-X/WMI.  Check out the MRTG Live Statistics Page, then select Logical Disk, and you will see that I am collecting Free Byte stats from three of my drives (E:, F: and I:) using a VBScript I wrote and am using as an MRTG helper script.  See my WMI Page for more information.  You can download both the MRTG config file, and the VBScript helper file (WMI_DSKStats.vbs).

SNMP4W2K Update: I added both Terminal Services counters to SNMP4W2K.  They seem to work OK.  I am putting together a downloadable file now, and will post it here in the next few days!  If you are interested in getting a pre-release copy, and would not mind providing feedback, please send me an email.  I have tested it on my system (where I develop it) and on my system at work, but neither has the load to really get a good feel for performance.  For example, I find that SNMP queries take noticeably longer on my system at home than they do on my PIII-500 system at work.  This leads me to say that it (SNMP4W2K) should only be installed on systems equal to or better than a PIII-500.

19September2001 - Added SNMP DLLView to the Links Page under Free SNMP Utilities.  Nice little tool!  Lets you see OIDs supported by the extension agent DLL.  Also, I updated the SNMP4W2K Page, and generally cleaned up a bit.

 17September2001 - I have been using the SNMP4W2K Performance MIB for a while now, and it seems to be pretty stable.  I have spent a considerable amount of time editing the MIB (Yes, it is STILL called PERFMIB.MIB!), and it should compile in most Network Managment Stations!  Whoopee!  I expect to make it available shortly (within 2 weeks).  Meantime, as you can see, on my MRTG Page (select Live MRTG Example) it can provide a considerable amount of system information, despite being a little shy on the counters as compared to SNMP4NT!  There are some known issues however (which I will document), but installing it should be quite easy and painless.  I intend to add a few MIBS to the compile, and then later, I will install Exchange 5.5 to add some of those counters too!

WMI Update: No changes at this time.  I might get back into it soon, but I wanted to get SNMP4W2K out the door!

11September2001 - What a horrible day!  Words cannot begin to describe how I feel.  So I won't ...

24August2001 - Well, today was a bummer (to say the least)!!  Found out that the recent cuts (+/- 1700) announced by AOL on August 22 "impacted" (their words, not mine!) my job and most of those in my department yesterday.  More info here.  Right after I got back from a holiday too!  As a result, I am changing my employment status from "employed but not looking" to "actively seeking a mutually beneficial employment relationship".  Please see my Profile Page if you are interested in learning more about what I have to offer!  Thanks!

01August2001 - Received an Enya CD from Joel Staiman!  Thanks a heap!  Added links to SNMPView and MBM2MRTG on the Links Page.  Added a good article on Monitoring MS networks using SNMP on the Literature Page (Vendor Support Material).

28July2001 - Sorry Folks!  Seems my Hosting services made a host modification (some of you might have noticed the IP address change), and had some difficulties setting the file types (.EXE files will not download).  Still not fixed yet, but I have changed the SNMP4NT downloads to .ZIP files, and this should remedy the problem.  Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any inconveniences!

13July2001 - Nothing serious!  Found a cool tool to watch open TCP and UDP ports, and liked it enough to pop it into my FreeWare Pick O' The Month Page!  It's called ActivePorts!  Check it out!

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.  Cleaning up the SNMP4W2K.MIB a bit more.  Hopefully will have a stable version (might not have as many stats) soon!

WMI Update: No changes at this time.  Not too satisfied with the WMI "get" response time, so need to see if I can do something about it.  More to come!

21June2001 - Literature Page - Added Internetworking tutorial from Cisco, and an SNMP Counters tutorial from Riverstone Networks.  SNMP4Nix Page - Fixed a few links here and there, and added a link to Daniel Kilbourne's SNMPD installation and testing page.

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.

WMI Update: No changes at this time.

20June2001 - Links Page - Added Berbach Utilities (Free Ping and Port Monitoring Software section), a nice UDP Generator and TCP/UDP Socket Server.  Literature Page - Added two tutorials from  Modified User Poll Slightly.  I hope to use the results to help me better modify the web!

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.

WMI Update: No changes at this time.

18June2001 - Added WebTrends Live counters.  Thanks to those who are filling out the small User Poll.  Looks like most people feel that navigation could use a little work.  Overall, I am pleased with the poll for its ability to help identify where work should be done!

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.

WMI Update: No changes at this time.

15June2001 - Literature Page - Modified significantly, adding more articles, and separating them a bit better.  MIBS Page - Updated Compaq MIBs. Modified FreeWare Page (moved stuff into it from Links Page) and Links Page somewhat (added Net-SNMP, MIBB/ToGather).  Added a short User Poll on Main Page.

13June2001 - Troubleshooting Page - Fixed a hyperlink and added some information on how to start the MS SNMP agent in debug mode (cool, huh?).  Links Page - added a link to SNMP4CTX, a Citrix Win/MetaFrame SNMP extension agent, and The Thin Net, a web specializing in thin client computing.

Thanks to Jim Christophersen, for his kind donation!  He is now a member of the SNMP4tPC Supporters Group!  I really appreciate it!

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.

WMI Update: No changes at this time.

04June2001 - Fixed an error in the the IIS "mapping applications to file type" section of the RRDTool PageThanks to Pat Waters, who took the time to email me, and kindly pointed out that in the throes of cut and paste, I missed changing the mapping for rrd_cgi as follows:
    - Was:- assign drive:/path/perl.exe %s %s to .rrdcgi
    - Should have been/Is: assign drive:/path/rrd_cgi.exe %s %s to .rrdcgi
My appologies to anyone who had difficulties in this area and used my page for guidance!

Added Network Appliance MIB links to the MIBs Page.  Added a link to an excellent MS article on Monitoring in the Troubleshooting Page, Microsoft section.

Got my own IANA Private Enterprise Number!!  9600!!!  Whooppeee!!  Ominous foreshadowing??

SNMP4W2K Update: No changes at this time.

WMI Update: Added a WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) Page to the site, and will be adding information here to help you use this technology to enhance your management tools!

Download Page Update: I THINK I have the redirection cleared up.  I changed over from an FTP link to an HTTP link, and this seems to have stabilized things somewhat.  If you use the redirected download page, and have difficulties, please let me know!

20May2001 - Continued cleanup.  FTP downloads and MRTG Stats now link to a Redirection Page, which points to the WTCS server.  Now IP Address changes should not affect the ability to download files and see live examples.  Added NTUPTIME.ZIP to the Miscellaneous Page.  It is a PERL script that gets NT Uptime.  PERFECT for MRTG helper scripts!  Modified the SNMP Page to point to a current Private Enterprise OID list, and added a link to the IANA Private Enterprise Application Form.  Added a link in the MS Issues section of the Troubleshooting Page to an article entitled Managing and Monitoring MS Exchange Server.  It has some GREAT tips on what performance counter objects to watch.

WMI Update: As mentioned, I am playing with WMI, so stats may not be live or working, and it may also be because my system is shut down.  I live in CA remember!  Gotta save precious power!

19May2001 - Fairly major remodeling of the Links Page; sorted categories, added some, and removed a couple.  Provided a local link to Philippe Simonets Excellent getif product, since he has been having some difficulties with Geocities.  

On the management side, I have a pretty stable SNMP4W2K MIB (SNMP4W2K.MIB), although it does not have as many stats as SNMP4NT.  LOTS of MIB editing as mentioned.  I have also been working with MS WMI.  Stay tuned for more information about that!

18April2001 - Fairly significant update.  Modified the SNMP Page; added a diagram showing what an SNMP message looks like.  Also, Literature Page, adding a link to an IBM article discussing AS/400 and SNMP.  Also, modified the Links Page, adding links to TCP traffic generator and NetworkView.  Updated the MRTG Page as well to include links to NetApp MRTG support files, and linked to the MRTG FAQ site.  Updated the SNMP RFC Page linking to the Landfield RFC Page (nice!).  Finally, I added a link to an MS article discussing Windows 2000 SNMP vulnerability.

I have been working hard on the SNMP4W2K.  The SNMP4W2K.MIB that gets produced has a LOT of syntax errors in it, so I have to edit it and make the changes.  It takes a long time.  It is nice to see getif not spit out a bunch of "wrong type-should be integer" type messages.  I hope to have something (version 1?) of SNMP4W2K within the next month or so.

20March2001 - Modified the Is it Worthy Page.  Added the option of a monetary donation (using PayPal).  It might actually be less hassle than Amazon and I GUARANTEE that it is easier than CD-Now was!  As always, however, this is an option!  I am hoping to establish a fund that I can use to support this web.  Removed the SNMP Toolchest link from the Links Page, since they are no longer in business :(.  Also updated the UCD-SNMP hyperlink.  Updated the Supporter's Page, because I got a Dido CD in the mail!  Thanks to Bill Gardner from Springfield, Missouri!  (she's got a great voice!)

On another note: I may have to suspend the MRTG Live Stats Page periodically, since it comes off my system at home, and I live in Northern CA.  Need I say more?  Can you say Piss Poor Power Planning?!  I will make sure the config file links work OK.

05March2001 - Modified the Information Page, added a Literature Sub-Page, containing information links to books (linked to Amazon) as well as presentations I have found during my "travels" over the web.  I also added a new link to my new Wish List.  I have been having shipment problems with CDNow (more like CD-Later), so I figured I would make the switch. THANK YOU to all the supporters of SNMP4tPC, past, present and future! Buying from Amazon here helps support this site (in case you are interested).  Thanks!  

04March2001 - Modified the Links Page (added links to NMOPS.ORG, an open source site for SNMP support of Riverstone Networks Products, and sgMibSpy and sgMoSpy by Stefan G. R. Finzel.  Added a link to on the Miscellaneous Files Page.  Add_User is a PERL script I wrote to help you add multiple users (i.e. hundreds) to a Windows NT 3.51/4.0 domain without having to touch the GUI!  It can save a TON of time.  Added links to some cool software in the Freeware Hotties Page (it has been awhile, huh?).

28February2001 - I added a new (intermediary) web page to help facilitate downloads off the WTCS FTP Server.  Updated the Supporter's Page, since I got a CD from Daniel Curry!  Thanks!  I listened to it right away.  I am a big Monty Python fan!

Hey!  SNMP4tPC is linked to by IpSwitch's What'sUp Gold Support Page!  Cool,Huh?

WTCS FTP/HTTP Server Status: Web Server/FTP Server up, redirect working on the Web Server, FTP downloads enabled (still a slight possibility that the link might go down.

27February2001 - I added some more text the to the SysLog Page.

26February2001 - I (FINALLY) got the redirect working to my Win2K Server system.  It was kind of tricky since the server is inside the Proxy Server/Firewall I have in Place.  Please bear with me if you have difficulties.  Sometimes PacBell drops the DSL, and then it times out trying to reconnect.  Ideally (it is supposed to work this way), the new IP gets published on a change, but sometimes it doesn't work.  Now that I have Windows 2000 running, and SNMP4NT running on it, I will be looking into getting more stats available.  As you may know, SNMP4NT really works well on NT3.51 and NT4, but not all the counters work in Windows 2000.

Please note:  Please send any requests for help to  I am finding it hard to filter the requests from this web site, so this will help immensely!

WTCS FTP/HTTP Server Status: Web Server/FTP Server up, redirect working on the Web Server, will modify web page to support FTP server soon.

20December2000 - I added links to Paul Simmonson's "Windows 2000 Perfmon to MRTG Log File" Web Page on the SNMP4NT2K Page.  Also added Judy Barry's name on the Supporter's Page (Thanks Judy!).  I expect to have the FTP server up soon.  It requires a link on the web to a "redirect.htm page, which sends you to my FTP server.  The file (redirect.htm) is changed each time the IP address is modified.  Kind of cludgy but it works! 

20December2000 - I have added a SysLog4NT Page, where I will cover the design and implementation of a Centralized SysLog Messaging System.   Stay Tuned.  Added more links on the Links Page.

WTCS FTP/HTTP Server Status: still unreliable due to dynamic IP issue

18December2000 - I have added an MRTG/RRDTool/14ALL.CGI/Windows NT Page, detailing how you can easily integrate the newer/faster RRDTool database format into your MRTG environment.

Please note: The WTCS.ORG http and ftp server will be in a state of ups and downs, as I struggle to replace a system I gave away prior to relocating in California.  You may not be able to see the MRTG generated graphs or connect to the FTP server, but if not, try again later!  Sorry for any inconveniences!

26November2000 - I have now re-enabled the "" email addresses.   Please feel free to send me an email about anything you see on this web, and I will try to help where I can.  Thank you for your patience during the pas month and a half.

24November2000 - Well, I got my DSL installed yesterday, and am now able to update this web site again.  My family and I have made the move and have settled in our house in San Jose.  So far, I have to say that things have been fairly painless.  I was expecting to have a harder time getting settled, but it has not been the case.  I miss my friends to be sure, and am now MUCH farther from family in Canada, but a change is certainly nice, and I have been lucky enough to have an employment opportunity where I can spend more time on Network Management as part of my job!

The WTCS FTP server has been available since yesterday, and MAY be up and down while things (IP Addresses) get stabilized here.

I will be putting together a new system, and giving THIS one to my wife and kids (for email and games), and then I will have more opportunity to expand the web. Yeah I know, I have been saying that for a while now, but I gave a PC to my step-kids so I need to get another one going.

By the way, in case you are wondering, there are times here where you DO have to scrape the frost off your windows in the morning!

26September2000 - Added even MORE MIBS to the MIBs Page.

26September2000 - Just a notice folks!  The WTCS FTP server will be unavailable for a short period of time starting October 9 weekend!   I will be moving to Sunny California, and as such will need to re-establish Internet connection once I arrive!  Some of the files that will be affected (that I can remember) are Pager95, Analyzer, Pinger, MAPISend, and 3Com Quick Configuration Manager.

23September2000 -  Added additional (WTCS FTP Server) links to getif (Links Page) and Analyzer (FreeWare Hotties Page) for times when they are unavailable from their regular download locations.   Added links to some free Computer Based Training courses from RCC College of Technology on the Links Page/Educational.

21September2000 -  Added some links to the SNMP4NIX Page.   Added some links to more SNMP information in the SNMP Page.

17September2000 -  Added two more hyperlinks in the Links Page.   SNMP Traffic Grapher and Peter W. Osel (MRTG PING Probe author) are the highlights.   Added some helper text to the Troubleshooting Page.  I have been trying to free up disk space in order to install Trend Antivirus so I can merge that MIB into MIB.BIN and SNMP4NT.

15September2000 -  Made a "frames free" version, and modified the BACK/AHEAD buttons in the sub-pages.  Added a link to SOMIX.COM in the MRTG page.

26August2000SNMP4NT UPDATED!  SNMP4NT(c) now supports MS SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 as well as DCHP, WINS, IIS, HTTP, FTP and LANMAN!!    Check out the Available Stats Page!  I think you'll be surprised when you see how much information is made available by SNMP4NT!

I kept the version of PERFMIB.MIB frozen at 16Aug2000, but compiled in the MSSQL.MIB.  I had to make some small edits in the MSSQL.MIB file (under IMPORTS, comment out references to Microsoft and software).   In the LMALRT2.MIB, I had to change "SYNTAX DisplayString (size (1..15))" to "SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (1..15))".  Why did I do this?  Well, I want to settle on a process that no longer uses perf2mib.exe, since that utility is no longer provided or supported by Microsoft.

What's the catch?  Well, just that once you install SNMP4NT(c), you have to copy the PERFMIB.MIB and the others (provided in the releases) to your NMS.  I explain how to do this with getif, so if you don't use it, GET IT!   If you are big fan of SNMPUTIL.EXE (i.e. snmputil walk public . then you will need to know the OID branch (don't worry, read the README.TXT file, and you'll get that information as well!  I also did some major revision to the SNMP4NT Page, detailing how the PERFMIB.MIB and MIB.BIN interact with each other, and beefed up the Available Stats Page.  I did some minor clean-up as well.

22August2000 -  I modified the sub-pages to add a java "back" button.  Fixed a link or two in the MIBS Page. Thanks to David Williams for pointing that out!  Fixed a link or two that was missing in the MRTG Live Stats Page.   Added Harald Tveit Alvestrand's great SNMP Object Identifiers Registry Page.   Thanks to Margareet Sholaas for posting the URL to the MRTG List Server!   Actually, THANKS to all those who have helped out with suggestions.   Pierre Journel suggested I put up a frames free version.  Good Idea.  I will get on it soon!  I am getting psych'd up for SQL 7.0!  Stay tuned!   Added a "Garth's Freeware Pick 'o' the month (or week, or whatever) Page!   Check it out for some great free programs.  It will make you wonder why you pay for some!

16August2000SNMP4NT UPDATED!    I added Proxy Server 2.0 Packet Filter Counters and IIS 4.0 Web Service Counters!   You should now be able to monitor virtual web sites now.  Please let me know how it works!  I checked it out on my system (IIS/FTP/Proxy/Exchange/SQL), but I just don't have the number of virtual sites, and cannot create the volume!  I aslo modified the MRTG Live Statistics Page, adding some more NT graphs, and a hyperlink to the MRTG config file that is used to create it!  SQL 7.0 Counters will be next!!

14August2000 - Modified the web so that I could track page access a bit better.  A few cosmetics here and there (fixed broken links, etc.).  Added a few more MRTG Config files (Dell and Cisco).

13August2000 - Modified the Web Links Page.   Links open in a new window (I can't stand being trapped in frames!).  Added some new links, notably Compaq Network Management Softyware and (for you TCL and Scotty buffs) SMartBrowser from SNMP Toolchest Company (in the Free SNMP Software section), and Scripting Languages!  I added a Tips and Tehniques section in the Stuff You Should Know Page.  I am looking for some feedback here.  Is the new format better?  What could I do to make it easier to use/navigate?  Thanks!

10August2000 - Released the new version of the SNMP4tPC web Site!  Here goes nuttin'!  Even though I am not the biggest frame fan in the world, I felt like in order to make the page a bit easier to navigate, frames was the way to go!

09August2000 - Migrated SNMP49X to new site.  Added a very cool install program to SNMP4NT for both the standard and full versions!  Visitied hyperlinks show up kinda dark!  I think I will change them.

04August2000 - Continued work on the new site.  Thanks to Afsi Felsher for his feedback.  Made a few changes on the hyperlinks.  Should be ready to  go in a week or two!

21July2000 - Continued work on the new and improved SNMP4tPC Web Site.  These comments will not be included in the current production web site.

06July2000 - Added an SNMP4tPC Supporters Appreciation Page.  THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE!  Also got the MRTG Examples page going - FINALLY!  Still working on the hyperlinks.  Images are ok, but something is up; when I try to insert a hyperlink (back to my server), they don't "stick".   Stupid FrontPage!  I now have my NT system running IIS/FTP/Proxy/SQL7.0/Exchange 5.5, etc., so I will be trying to add some of the morerelevant counters.   Got suggestions (i.e. counters you would like to see added)?  Let me know.  If I can help you, I will!

21June2000 - Added Real-Time Java Chat and SNMP Subject Forum to the CHAT Page.  We'll see how functional they are.  Hopefully (over time), some of the more common questions will be answered on the forum, and perhaps contribute to a more trouble-free SNMP implementation.  As for the Chat function, we'll see.  If there are a number of users on the site at any given time, then it could prove useful.   Let me know if you think these are goofy ideas!

11May2000 - Modified the SNMP4NT Page.  Split SNMP4NT.ZIP into a Standard version (install only), and a Full version (includes components required to generate your ownd PERFMIB.MIB/MIB.BIN.  Added an hyperlink to an excellent article on Windows NT and SNMP.  I bought an ATX case and a motherboard; now I need a hard drive and some RAM and I will be doing all this with Windows 2K (FINALLY!).  I recently (17Apr2000) changed jobs, and I will have an opportunity to explore the Windows 2K at work as well.

19Apr2000 - Cosmetics. Couple of link fixes.  Nothing serious!

09Apr2000 - Modified a link or two (i.e SNMP4NW Page).  Played around with some image mapping on the WTCS Main Page.  Added "Bucket O' MIBs" on the MIB Links Page.  Fixed a few broken links (i.e SPager 95 now points to my FTP server).  Added links to BLAT, Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement, and MAPISEND (command line MSExchange mail sender program) to the LINKS Page.

23Mar2000 - A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Richard Narum from Minnesota!!!.  He sent back to me the 15Feb2000 version of SNMP4NT!  Yippee!  That means that I have the web returned to where it was (*and then some) before the crash of 2000. I have been working on a scaled down version of SNMP4NT (it does not include IPX/SPX, Exchange or Proxy Server counters) that will allow individual enumeration (i.e. web site traffic) of virtual web sites created in IIS4. Interested?  I have a beta copy out for testing, and pending the results I will post it here.  Stay tuned.  I am also working on SNMP4NT2K.  I have a compiled version, and am testing it (almost) as I write.  There are some things that are causing me grief, but I hope to get it down soon.  There is VERY little info from MS on pulling Performance Counters out of WinNT2K and making them accessible using SNMP.  Added a blurb about how to eliminate the ability of an SNMP query to dump a list of domain users on the Stuff You Should Know Page.

17Mar2000 - I modified the main page somewhat, reorganizing the Main Link Table, and added (basic) Windows 2000 SNMP information.  Sounds like a little, but it was a lot!!

16Mar2000 - Well!  It has been a pretty pained month.   My system (disk) coughed up a lung again, and I decided to take the opportunity to change the dual boot from Win95/NT4 to Win98/NT2000.  Unfortunately, I installed FAT32 (was not paying attention!) when I installed Win98, and when the disk died (again!), I was unable to install Windows 2000 (could not recognize the hard disk).   Therefore, I had to repartition and reformat the entire drive, and reinstall Win98 and Win2000.  Sheesh!  Pain in the ASS!  All this in a month where my real job has been causing an extrordinary amount of stress!

Anyway, I have now installed Windows NT 2000 Server, and awaaaay we go!  I will be looking seriously into bumping the RAM up to 128MB or 256MB (64MB is not enough) so I can install SQL 7.0, Proxy Server and Exchange 2000, and I will be incorporating these counters into SNMP4NT2K.

MANY THANKS to Expression Networks, who have kindly offered to host this site!  I have found that the demand (i.e. load) on the site has far exceeded my expectations, and what with the need to have a dedicated service, I just could not do it!   It is nice to know that people consider the service worth a few $$$.  Thanks to Puyan, Jonathan and Abir!

22Feb2000 - Well, this was a good one! A data partition on my system was rendered unaccessible by Windows NT due to CRC errors. Guess what was on that partition? Yup! The SNMP4TPC Web site! I tried several things, but was unable to revive it (could not see the drive in Windows NT). I had a backup, but it was the last revision (01Feb00). NTFSDOS was able to read the partition, so I copied the web differences down to my C: (FAT) drive, installed Windows 98 (GASP!!), and Personal Web Server (PWS), and We B Live Again!! Yipppee! Only a weekend went by. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCES! Would have been quicker, but I'm trying to spend more time with my family, and less on computers. Seems like whenever you plan to take it easy, shit happens, huh?! Oh well. Sigh!
I was going to install Windows 98/PWS anyway (in preparation for installing Windows 2000), because I don't expect installing Windows 2000/IIS5 will be without some problems. I am not sure what to do about my NT4 domain (upgrade?? replace??), so I wanted a way to make my web accessible while Windows NT 4 was out of commision.With Win98/PWS, I will be able to work on the Win2K upgrade/installation and while it is in progress, the web will be live!! Please expect a few interruptions over the next couple of months as I wade into the murky waters that are/is Windows 2000!! Ideally, I'd like to install Win2K on a completely different (new) computer, but $$$ don't allow!

15Feb2000 - Added the "System" counters into PERFMIB.MIB in SNMP4NT.   Check it out!!  You may find a better way to monitor processing performance (including queue wait time) than by using the "Processor" counters.  This was a bitch, since the "System" counters "collided" with the system counters in the MIB-II.MIB, so PERFMIB.MIB has to be edited prior to compiling (only applies if you are using PERFM.BAT).  If you use MIBINST.BAT, you should have no problems.

01Feb2000 - Added some more links to the LINKS Page, and updated the Problems (and Solutions) Page under Microsoft Issues.  Modifed the link to PowerArchiver (was EasyZip 2000).  Great program!

31Jan2000 - Now you can use your favorite Network Management Station (MRTG!) to monitor network performance on Windows 95 and Windows 98!!   Yup!  Implementing SNMP on Windows 95 is now Implementing SNMP on Windows 95/98, adding MIB-2 SNMP support to both those platforms.  Just click the appropriate button, download SNMP495.ZIP and/or SNMP498.ZIP, and you are on your way!

21Jan2000 - Added a swack of hyperlinks on the LINKS Page, including commercial and free SNMP management software sources (some Unix and some Win32, some both).  Check it out, man!  Highlights include Win32 command line SNMP GET/GETNEXT/SET/TRAP utilites, free Unix system and protocol  monitoring software and a link to my favorite (commercial) Windows NT based network management program (and no! it's not Openview).

17Jan2000 - Major Update!  Web Proxy Cache, Telephony, RAS Port, and NW Link NetBIOS counters now available to SNMP4NT !!  Total embedded counters is up to 32!!  Updated the PERFM.BAT and MIBINST.BAT files.  Added then removed Web Service because it was causing Event: 1010 messages in the Application Log.  I'll look into it.    Added a hit counter (started at 5000 (est. hits) to track traffic to the SNMP4NT page (lots of you link directly there, so the counter on the main page is moot).
warning.gif (19508 bytes) Please note: There is a slight possibility that if you downloaded SNMP4NT.ZIP between 10:00pm and 11:00 pm (MST) tonight that you have the "polluted" version with the Web Service counter (as 30) that causes the Application Log Event 1010.  Fix: Download SNMP4NT.ZIP again, and carry on.

15Jan2000 - Major Update!  Proxy Server 2.0 counters now available to SNMP4NT !!  It was hard to get working, because when the counters were extracted from Performance Monitor, they introduced syntax errors in PERFMIB.MIB, which had to fixed before compiling the MIB with MIBCC.  Also, I modified the SNMP4NT Page and the SNMP4NW Pages, and made it easier to download the latest verions.

10Jan2000 - Major rework to the Threshold Monitoring Page (as it pertains to MRTG).  Now you can get MRTG to send you some nice looking SMTP mail when a threshold breach is detected!  Please mail me with your comments.  You might have some suggestions as to how to make it better!

04Jan2000 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Created an SNMP4tPC logo (looks a bit better I think!), and modified the Web to reflect the changes.  Pretty much cosmetic only, but I have some more links and plans, and will add them soon.

21Dec1999 - Did some work on the MIB Links Page!  Added Cabletron MIBs (Thanks to Peter Stanley for the URL!).  Also added Bay Networks/Nortel MIBS (They were harder to find than they should be!).  I added links to 3Com and Intel Device Management software as well.

19Dec1999 - Added a Server Statistics Page (feel free to copy the code!).  A few other ditties.  Sorry for the site being out for a day last week. It seemed that somehow, I had installed the 120 day eval copy of Windows NT.  Apparently (if you use the wrong setup disks), they stamp a "120 Day Eval" signature into the registry, and "poof!".  120 days later, you're screwed.  I spent 6 hours from 9pm to 3am reinstalling NT (upgrading) and patching the registry to get it back up.   MS knows about this problem, and has a Q article on it.  Thank God!  If I had to a total reinstall, I'd have been pissed!  As it is, there's a problem with MS Proxy 2 and IIS4 (on this system, at least!).  If the Proxy Administration Service is running, then II4 is not.

07Dec1999 - Added HP NetServer Agent MIBs on the MIB Links Page! (for you Leonardo!)

frestuf8.gif (13736 bytes) 01Dec1999 - Holy Cow!  Free software from 3COM!!  Transcend Network Supervisor is a Java based TCP/IP Management platform, that while primarily geared towards 3COM devices makes a GREAT addition to your Network Management Arsonal!"   Check it out before they decide to sell it!

28Nov1999 - I "redesigned" the SNMP4NT.ZIP file, stressing that unless you need to generate your own MIB, you should run MIBINST.BAT.  I also modified the SNMP4NT Page to reflect this change, as well as added more detailed instructions (and fixxed an error or two) on how to install the MIB or generate a new one.

frestuf8.gif (13736 bytes)27Nov1999 - A few days ago, I received an email from RedPoint Network Systems.  For a limited time only, they are offering their SNMPQL Explorer MIB BROWSER for FREE download!  Highlights include graphical tree-based browsing, GETs and SETS and real-time graphing capabilities!  Plus, it can interact with RedPoint's SNMPQL ODBC driver allowing any SQL query/database tool (i.e. MS Access/MS Query) access to SNMP gathered data (whew!).   Check out the product info-sheet here, or go straight to the download page here!  Updated the LINKS Page.

PLEASE tell them where you came from?  They have an optional "How did you find out about?" field in the download form!   Please copy and paste in if it's not too much trouble!  Thanks!  I appreciate it!    A little publicity never hurts!

18Nov1999 - Added HP Laserjet MIBS to the MIB Links Page!

09Nov1999 - Significant Update! I finally added MS Exchange 5.5 counters to SNMP4NT !!   Yippee!  I also added the ability to only install the precompiled PERFMIB.MIB.   READ THE README.TXT file!!   Also added in the Problems (and Solutions) Page (in the readme.txt file, too!) the instructions on how to add more performance counters to the PERFMIB.MIB.  Added a Perfmib Page listing all the Windows NT Performance counters embedded in PERFMIB.MIB (in SNMP4NT.ZIP).   Did a little page maintenance.

By the way, I hope to be adding my findings about SNMP and Windows NT 2000 soon, since I have just upgraded my notebook to Server 2000!

12Oct1999 - I was playing around with getif, trying to get it to compile properly (I lost the ability to browse MIBS (the tree was not being created).   Figured it out, created a MIBS.ZIP file and added a section on the Testing your Implementation page on how to configure getif to allow access to Windows NT, Compaq (Insight Manager), and Novell (NetWare and GroupWise (MTA and POA)) MIBS.

11Oct1999 - Been awhile!  Added a link to NuDesign Team in the LINKS Page.  I will be evaluating their MIBrowser product (early examination looks good!).  Modified some page layouts somewhat.  Nothing serious!

22Sep1999 - Added some links in the MIB Links Page to Compaq (Insight Manager), Novell (NetWare and GroupWise), APC (PowerNet).  Added Dell and APC MRTG config files to the MRTG Page.  Thanks to Peter Holzleitner for submitting them!

21Sep1999 - Added a Cisco support links, a Microsoft Technet link, and two links to help you figure out who "owns" what Private Enterprise OID (. to the Problems (and Solutions) Page, and added a CHEOPS link to the LINKS Page.  I have received quite a few MRTG config files, and some new links, and will be adding them shortly.

20Sep1999 - Played around with the Main page text a bit.  Nothing serious.  Added images here and there.

15Sep1999 - Added a Windows NT Statistics Page to display Windows NT statistics gathered by MRTG.  Modified the MRTG Page to make it easier to find config files for Windows NT and NetWare.

12Sep1999 - Added a free Hex Editor into SNMP4NT.ZIP so SNMPMON.EXE could be modified to support a community name other than public!  Changed the performance monitor extensible agent number from 6 to 9 so other agents would not be overwritten!

10Sep1999 - Added some content to the LINKS Page, and a hyper link to FREEDOM (a web anonymizer program) on the Main Page (I think it is a very good idea), and spiced up the site a bit by adding some backgrounds to the tables.  Hopefully it will not slow down the pages!  Also modified SNMP4NT.ZIP by adding SNMPMON support, and updated perf.bat (added -t to the MIBCC line.  Thanks to Mark Spieth for that suggestion).

04Sep1999 - Added some more help files in Problems (and Solutions) Page to help with discovering the disk OIDs if you have multiple disks, and a Cisco SNMP Technical Tips hyperlink.  Added a link to a list of OIDs on the SNMP Technical Overview Page.

02Sep1999 - Added some text and diagrams on the SNMP Technical Overview Page illustrating SNMP Management Station and Network Element (Agent) relationship as well as the OID Hierarchal Tree.

02Sep1999 - Added a section in the Problems (and Solutions) Page to help to recover SNMP stats after they all go POOF! once SP5 for NT4 is applied.

27Aug1999 - Added James Drew's NetWare NLM Extension for MRTG to the SNMP4NW page.  Also, tidied up the text on the Testing Page.  Seems the snmputil command lines caused some confusion becuase it was not clear where to put a space( ).  Thanks Kirk!

19Aug1999 - Added a new Stuff You Should Know Page.  It will detail SNMP security issues, and as an introductory bonus, lists two from our friends at Microsoft!

18Aug1999 - BIG ONE THIS TIME!! Added yet more NT statistics to PERFMIB.BAT in SNMP4NT (including TCP, UDP and Server (check this one out!!)  I can now get the Exchange mib compiled, but I am not sure if it will work.  I need to get Exchange installed on my server in order to test it!   Added some more NT MRTG config files (Server/IPX/SPX/RAS and PINGPROBE).  Added a couple of more software links on the LINKS page.   Updated perfmib.dll and Perf2Mib.exe in SNMP4NT (Thanks for tipping me off to this, Chris!).  This update address problems with the handling of object instances (SNMP GET will sometimes return 0 on a valid OID) and is referenced in the Problems (and Solutions) Page, where I have added a plethora of MS SNMP KB issues that now point to the MS KB Web.  Added information on how to get Thresholds working with MRTG.  Also, added a link (on the Home Page) to a Microsoft URL to download the SNMP agent for Windows 95.  I will be adding more details about that process later!

30Jul1999 - Added some more statistics to PERFMIB.BAT (including NWLink IPX and SPX, Server Work Queues, and Cache).   There are some overlapping OIDs when I added Server, so I will fix that and add it soon.  Added a couple of links (Microsoft Q articles regarding "SNMP memory leak" and "SMP (Symmetrical Multi Processing) SNMP GET responses") to the Problems (and Solutions) Page.

29Jun1999 - Added a link to Linux SNMP installation Guide (I will look for a more recent one).  Also added several MIB Links (including Cisco/3Com/Ascend/Shiva/MotherLoad/Son of MotherLoad).  Added Cisco TCP/IP installation Link on Problems (and Solutions) Page.

27Jun1999 - Added bookmarks and links on pages (easier to navigate)!

24Jun1999 - Added IP, NetBT, NetBEUI protocol support to SNMP4NT!.  Modified the SNMP Technical Overview Page (added a link to an SNMP Reference Page).   Added some NetWare 5 comments on the SNMP4NW Page.  More coming soon!

21Jun1999 - Worked on Threshold Monitoring Page (MRTG and SNMPMON).  More coming soon!

18Jun1999 - Added a MIB Links Page to help you with your search.

18Jun1999 - Added a Problems (and Solutions) Page to help with some common problems.

18Jun1999 - Modified the NIC throughput text on the SNMP4NT page (Thanks Mat!)

18Jun1999 - Added a Computer/Network Terminology Glossary.  No big deal!

17Jun1999 - Added some NetWare, Cisco and APC MRTG config files.

16Jun1999 - Turned it on (80 hits first day - WOW!). Added later: 40 of them were probably me!

15Jun1999 - Modified the SNMP4NT instructions after testing them (Thanks to Ian MacInnes at Imac~ulate PC Service for being the first guinea pig!).

15May1999 - Started working on the SNMP4TPC Web Site.  This came about since I have seen many requests on the newsgroups and on the MRTG list server for help with SNMP for Windows NT.  Since then, I have included SNMP for NetWare in this web, and it is steadily growing.  I am really grateful for people such as Tobias Oetiker (who give away their time and effort to so many people's benefit).  I just hope that this web can provide some helpful service as well!

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