Is SNMP4tPC Worthy?


I hope you are here because you feel that the information and software I provide here are worthwhile!  I realize that you could go out and buy a book about SNMP, spend many hours reading it to understand what it is and what it does and then try to implement it, or you could take advantage of another's experience.  Why not?   We all do it.  It is a part of what makes the Internet great.

I am sure you can imagine that it would take you a long time (i.e. days and weeks) to put together packages as I have here on the SNMP4tPC web.  In particular, SNMP4NT/W2K and WMI scripts has been particularly time consuming.

This web site (and the information provided on it) have taken me many many hours (I have never really counted, actually!) of my own time (late evenings mostly!) to learn, compile and document!